Term 2, Week 1

My first week back at work was preceded by lunches with friends/staff, went to a… gig? (Music show? Mini concert? I don’t know what to call it!!) on Saturday night and ended the holidays with a major clean and organize of home and school plans. Nothing like a spotless living space to settle the mind and bring peace and readiness for whatever’s next in store!

Monday and Tuesday were “pupil free” days that allowed me the time and peace of mind to NOT go into the school on the holidays and in our own time I managed to get myself all set up and ready for the first days and beyond.

Tuesday night Emma, Elyssa, Evan, and I took advantage of the “free drink” ticket The Gov had provided us when leaving the live music performace (still not an appropriate label, is it?) and enjoyed 2 for 1 pizza, a free drink, and as the most amazing added bonus… it was Ukelele night! Every other Tuesday they have free lessons and we hit it right! There were over fifty people of all ages and personalities with ukeleles of all colours and sizes and it was incredible. Evan had his uke and did his best to join in on the songs that he had the music for and we enjoyed every varied minute of it! Plus it felt so ballin’ to be out late on a “school night.”

Though that only happened due to Wednesday’s day off for ANZAC day (war memorial day for a battle in Turkey) upon which I woke up in the “freezing” cold and was aching for my condo, fireplace, stacks of Christmas movies and music, snow falling and a real winter surrounding me. Luckily, I had Elf on Australia-appropriate DVD and my iPod of Christmas tunes to while away the morning before doing some productive tasks and also plenty of unproductive reading and relaxing.

Thursday and Friday – the entirety of Week 1 of 10 – with students went more smoothly than probably ANY day of Term 1 and suddenly it was time to pick up Elyssa from her school for our epic Friday night of shopping. Two, and only two, vital criteria for the entire shopping trip – 1) WARM, 2) cheap. The Red Cross, Salvos, Big W (Zellers equivalent), and Target DEFINITELY allowed us to succeed with cheap. Unfortunately, the fabulous deals and variety sometimes made it difficult to focus solely on warm. There was the occasional stray to the summer skirt/dress rack and longing gazes at fun sleeveless tops,etc…. Still counts as a layer though right??? Sixteen items for layering for $100 ain’t such a bad night of shopping for we poor, cold Canadians!

I’m now mid-way through a typical Kimberly weekend of cleaning (resetting the brain, body, and house) for a new week, reading, blogging, emailing, skyping friends and family, and about to settle into finish up one book and get a solid start on the next.

Bring on Week 2!!

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