Broome, WA = Peace, Reflection, Fresh Start.

Welcome to Paradise!

Even day one was fantastic in Broome. Starting with the adorable airport, the shuttle right there ready to take me to the most amazing resort accomodation ever. Sigh. More stress and unhappiness just gently melts away. Depsite my firm plans of holing up in my apartment all afternoon and evening, after I showered (outside), did some laundry, and completely unpacked my suitcase (I NEVER do that – it was terrific), I was ready to get out and stretch my legs. So, I just started walking in the general direction of the beach. I ventured into the most peaceful Buddha Sanctuary, wandered into residential neighbourhoods, glanced up and down a world famous beach, and followed a camel train part of the way home. Settled into an evening of reading, tv’ing, and totally relaxing. Thumbs up for Day One in Broome.

Frangipani flowers - EVERYwhere and gorgeous.

Day 2
The magnificence of the Sanctuary motivated me to set my alarm for 6:15 am the next morning (earlier even than I now get up for work) in order to join the yoga class at 7:30 am. Wow. What an incredible 90 minutes in such a beautiful setting and then to stroll home in the still early morning pre-scorching sunlight and gentle breeze to enjoy another outdoor shower. By now, I am fully into the idea of an outdoor shower. Quite liberating. Not yet ready for the nudie beach, but within the protection of my shower walls… awesome. By the time I caught the bus into town at 11:45 am I felt like it was nearly dinner time! From then on, my day basically consisted of moving from one reading location to the next. I found the Used Bookstore as recommended by Travis’ dad, bought a book that – as I got through the first few chapters – couldn’t have been more fitting if I’d tried, and settled in at The Shady Lane Cafe – also recommended – for my first hour of reading.

Day 2 in town - new (used) book, Coca Cola, Shady Lane Cafe and a delicious luncheroo.

I arrived at the Pearl Luggers attraction over an hour early, perused the pearls, looked at the luggers (boats) and every word of each information placard before settling down on the “porch” with my feet up and the breeze at my back for the next hour of reading. After an incredibly informative and entertaining “tour” about the pearling industry in Broome, I purchased my next tourist trinket (still under 5 I think), and zipped over to the grocery store just in time to miss the bus home by one minute. So…. I settled in at the bus stop for my third hour of reading in the late afternoon sun.

I ate my gourmet frozen microwave lasagne dinner, nerded out with word puzzles, sipped tea and devoured double stuf Oreos before closing off ALL the light that might peek into the room, turned off any possible alarm and mentally allowed myself to sleep the entire day away before crashing into the best best best sleep.

Day 3
…. I went as far as getting a photo of Pool #2 on the other side of the resort. Otherwise, I read by the pool, read inside, puzzled, napped, wrote, skyped, tv’d, snacked. Glorious, glorious, glorious indulgent day of truly nothing.

Day 4
Willie Creek Pearl Farm tour! I was singled out all day on account of my name and being in The Kimberley. It did mean I got to dig under the gonad of an oyster to find a pearl and later have the weight of nearly $40 000 hanging around my neck in the form of very sophisticated and beautiful pearls. Mid-day consisted of the usual snacking, reading, pooling, writing. Then came the camels! It was pretty enjoyable – as you’ll be able to determine from the extreme number of photos I took and have decided to share.

Day 5
Mini tour, and yet another afternoon for me. That’s all. πŸ˜€

Day 6
Travel Day Extraordinaire! Well, it was just a typically decent travel day of shuttle, flight #1, airport coffee and reading… until the magic of being seated in business class! I was served a mocktail in a REAL glass before everyone was even on the plane; had handheld entertainment to view We Bought A Zoo; snuggled up in a blanket; was served a cheese plate with like six pieces of cutlery; endless china cups and saucers of Earl Grey tea and even a cookie. πŸ˜€ Now THAT is a way to start a Fresh Start. I was feeling more refreshed and pampered upon arriving in Adelaide at 10:30 pm than I certainly should have. Yay for me!

3 responses to “Broome, WA = Peace, Reflection, Fresh Start.

  1. Your trip with the days filled with just reading and enjoying the day makes me wish I was there with you! Looks like you had an amazing vacation. AND you got to ride on a camel…FUN! πŸ™‚

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