Random Adventures in January/ February/ March

– friendly staff whisking me away to lunches all over Adelaide before the school year began
– Tim Tam slams with Katrina and Shweta from my last tour before they left Adelaide
– Tammy
– the introduction to Fancy Burger
– Haigh’s chocolate
– pool days
– obsessively reading the Hunger Games trilogy
– overindulging in Haigh’s chocolate night after night with Tammy
– skyping with family and friends – knowing home was still there!
– Somerton beach day and night
– Tammy
– a day off work to pick up Mom and Tony from the airport
– walking in Morialta Park and mom seeing a koala up close, in the wild on day 3 in Australia
– bonding with other exchange teachers on Kangaroo Island
– Mom and Tony
– weekend trip around the Fleurieu Peninsula with Mom and Tony
– discovering the hidden gem of cheap, awesome clothes at the Salvos!
– The Hunger Games in a posh leather seated movie theatre
– skyping and messaging with friends and family
– fun football game afternoon out
– making friends at work
– Mom and Tony
– surviving to the holidays!!

April highlights:
– holidays
– Western Australia
– resetting and restarting
– blah, blah blah, see Perth/Broome posts! πŸ˜€

Four months down, eight to go! Keep sending me emails to keep me connected to home!

5 responses to “Random Adventures in January/ February/ March

  1. Yay!….. for blue nail polish, chocolate and more chocolate, 40 degrees celsius, Salvos, your pool, Karl and friends, any beautiful beach and the BEST time with cousin, Kimberly. Good times!!!

      • I have to admit…I like the painted toes…especially with the most fantastic tan…I have however toned it down to a paler color…a neutral….I know…safe and boring….but blue toes kept scaring/surprising me all the time. Imagine me with the surprised face…all the time….not so flattering. πŸ™‚
        I shall try to be braver….Grace does have a fantastic green color……hmmmmm.

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