Juneau – Whales and Dolls

Hahahaa….. I can’t help but laugh. Dolls…Claudia’s Doll Museum to be more precise. I sure hope Lausanne is enjoying this moment of remembrance as much as I am right now!

Okay, let’s back up for a minute first. Juneau. I’ll get to the Whales and Dolls portions of the title as we chug through town.


Lausanne and I had booked ourselves some wicked whale watching and a walk through the wilderness to an iceberg also. Definitely an all in one tour! Remember to click on each photo to see the full size awesomeness of the whales or seeming movement of the giant chunk of ice! (Or hover over for a caption/explanation)

After our crazy amazing photo safari, we had some time in town to eat local and follow through on some random sights.

Kimberly: “Hey, look at that paper sign taped into that second floor window…”
Lausanne: “Aunt Claudia’s Doll Museum?!!??!?!?!”
Kimberly: “Let’s GO!”
Lausanne: “Ha.” ………………………………….”Wait…are you serious?” ………………..”Alright then. Let’s do this. I’ll get my camera ready!”


P1000466 P1000465


There were at least four rooms of dolls of all eras, cultures,…as much fun as we made of it going in, it was pretty impressive and there WERE some really cool dolls!

Next and final stop – Ketchikan, my favourite of all of them. See you there!


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