Ketchikan – Spawning and Shopping

August 23, 2013

Ketchikan was definitely my favourite town visited on our Alaskan cruise. Lausanne and I decided to create our own walking tour from a few brochures and tidbits of information we’d gathered. We made a day of finding all sorts of random things. And so, to keep this first-in-years travels update on the blog, I’m going to just go ahead and upload my highly disorganized and jumbled photos for the day, and let your eyes feast and imagine what our conversations might have entailed on such a random day.





walking tour, Ketchikan, Alaska



The salmon run was outrageous. We walked from where the river emptied out heading off to the ocean, all the way to the top. The number of fish was completely unfathomable. In this froth of leaping fish they all seemed to have their own agenda, farther up in the calmer shallows, the hundreds stacked on top of each other seemed to be working together to get their way to the top. Way too cool.




A busy day of walking, photo-ing, exploring, up and down the hillside of Ketchikan landed us with a last Alaska keepsake in our matchy green hoodies and we were ready for our last few day chugging along on the ship back home! Stay tuned for our last night food and party adventures before I finally wrap this trip up….four years later. HA!!

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