Term 2, Week 8 and 9

Ummm… Nothing happened? haha.

I spent nearly the entire three day weekend in my house in my pajamas and LOVED.EVERY.SINGLE.SECOND. I got work done on report cards, cleaned, worked on Skittle’s vocabulary, and continued to play with the idea of becoming a “writer.” I bought my own domain name, attached it to a new blog, and ta-da! There I go. Please check it out (and pass it onto others) if you haven’t already been hassled by me from some other email or other such communication.

I went to work for a few days. Then another weekend hit and I almost locked myself in the whole time again! Saturday night I “launched” my website/blog and proceeded to stare at the computer and hit “refresh” about 18 times in a row waiting for the readers to gush in. Hahaha…. I had to talk myself into going to bed. It was midnight my time and 6 am ish on a Saturday morning where anyone else I know lives. No one’s jumping on my emails at that time. Except Tammy! Being in a later time zone she was awake and we even got to skype! Those two items might have been the highlight of my week AND weekend. Well, maybe let’s round it out at three and call the PINK boots and a Sunday afternoon with Canadian friends a definite highlight. (Read about and see the boots at www.kimberlycave.ca)

Some of you reading this may be thinking… three highlights? And those are them?! Weeeelllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll, you’re right. Sorry to Tammy’s skype date and my delicious pink boots (which are awesome and memorable!!) but – COURTNEY, by far, takes the cake.

The sly devil stayed up super-dee-duper late on her Thursday night so we could skype after school so she could LAUGH at me. While blabbering away together, she emailed me. I ignored it at first, but a few minutes later opened the “what do you think of this?” subject-lined email expecting to see some idea about her wedding or the brochure she is writing. This is where the laughing comes in… apparently my face showed my every slow-to-comprehend thought as I looked at a flight itinerary. For July. From Canada to Australia. … For….. HER!!!!!!!!!! I’m sure you guessed what I am about to confirm before even finishing reading the word “flight.” Well, after she recovered from laughing at my face and answered my shouts of, “IS THIS FOR REAL?? ARE YOU COMING??!?!” I was a blubbering, bawling mess. Clearly, I miss her more than I’ve let myself consciously believe.

😀 😀 😀 😀 So, in less than two weeks, Courto – super sister – will meet me in Cairns and we’ll galavant around Eastern and Northern Australia together for a week and a half before spending five days back in Adelaide prior to her long ass flight away from me again. 😦


It’s actually only Tuesday night of Week 9, so it’s really not over at all, but I’m pretty sure nothing monumental will occur. The most thrilling event of the week is having Skittle at school all week and having him on my shoulder and completely distracting the kids by chewing on my earring while I try to read a story, etc. And today he sat on two kids’ shoulders. All 27 of us are now fully entrenched in a love affair with that glorious creature of happiness.

Six months in and I’m finally feeling good!

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