Twenty Four Hours

My breath is bordering on hyperventilation, my heart is palpitating like something REALLY terrible or wonderful JUST happened, my mind is completely unfocussed and in a whirl….

…and I still have to get through 24 hours until I land in Cairns, find the baggage carousels and spend 20 minutes or so scouring the crowds for my best sister, COURTNEY!!! Six months since we’ve seen each other!

If there was a hidden, or not hidden, camera crew, they could make the ULTIMATE commercial for… something… from our reunion footage. I don’t remember what the commercials are for, but I know there are some great ones with family airport pickups. This one will be too sweet for words. But I’m sure I’ll try at some point!

Cairns, Port Douglas, rainforests, reefs, parks, trains, cable cars, beaches, rental cars, pools, Darwin, Kakadu National Park – here we come! Stay tuned for photos and adventures to come in a few weeks!


One response to “Twenty Four Hours

  1. I’ve been bad about checking your blog, so I am sorry! I hope you had/are having a great time with your sister! šŸ™‚

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