Quaint Icy Strait Point

“I think this ship is bigger than the town
we are floating up to.” ~ Kimberly Cave

Icy Strait Point

August 20, 2013

Like I said, really hard to find quotes about cruise ships. Ha. I had booked an “excursion” for this stop which I sought out after a bit of a wander along the water and through some outrageously gorgeous trees (of which have been blown up to poster size and hangs in my classroom this year).




I connected up with Gaby (one of the cruise activity directors whose dance class we attended the next day!) and spent the next hour or so ripping around on an ATV through the awesome wilderness with a few stops for historical information about the area and tips on avoiding bears (hence the ridiculous photo of us trying ‘look large’).


As if that wasn’t too much of a thrill, our ventures took us to the top of the Icy Strait Point Zipline – 400 metres up! Out of my seatbeltless ATV into a seriously serious harness for my 100 km/hr ride over more than a kilometre and a half back down to the bottom!!!! Was a bit faster ride down that it was up! I’ve done a few ziplines before, admittedly, I was prepared for it to be a gentle little ride, no big deal. HOLY SMOKES! I definitely screamed a little on the initial descent and was I ever glad I had sunglasses to protect my eyes from the wind. Amazing rush. And mind-blowing views!

After my breath was taken away, it was back to the ship for my pre-dinner sushi and Coke before hitting the dining room for “formal” night. See, even when not on the ship,…food is central when it comes to cruising!

Next up, sailing past the Hubbard Glacier and Juneau!


One response to “Quaint Icy Strait Point

  1. there are so few blog posts on cruising…almost as if it’s the ‘bad word’ for travel blogger! i have never been on a cruise but i’ve sailed a lot. i recently did a post about the cruises i’d want to do.

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