Okanagan Heat

Summer 2013;
Part III July 28 – August 18, 2013

Despite already taking eight zillion photos of the Highway 1 route through the Rockies, it’s just impossible to resist! Don’t forget to click on a photo if you want to see the ‘gallery’ in full size!


km 41, christian valley, kettle river, bc, camping, camper van, beach, swimming, floating, inner tubes,

The shady portion of our private beach!

After my beautiful drive and settling in Peachland, Dad, Donna, and I got all packed up and headed for our annual KM 41 camping trip. When Dad and I first scoped out camping in the Christian Valley, we had the pick of the three campsites at the KM 41 forest service campsite. Now, there are more official sites along with twice as many unofficial tent sites that have been created. Despite its growing popularity, there are still a few more secretive sites that can be snagged if we arrive mid-week. The best part of the whole area, is that regardless how many people are around, it’s still pure wilderness. The river’s loud enough to drown out any far off neighbours, a nightly hunt for firewood is necessary, a private sandy beach is always waiting. Just a quick walk up to the swimming hole with our inner tubes floats us over three sets of ‘rapids’ with enough time to go for a second round!


Back in the real world (ha, who am I kidding – it was summer holidays, there’s nothing ‘real world’ about my Julys and Augusts), I spent some time in Penticton with Courtney and we checked out Alan Jackson and the JCI’s Mr. Muscle Miss Bikini contest. Oh, what an adventure that was!

A few days of traipsing around southern and central Okanagan allowed me some beautiful lakeview evenings, a visit with Colette, a discovery of Okanagan Spirits Whisky, and then off to North Barriere Lake for the family reunion shenanigans.

A few last days of Okanagan summer livin’ and I was off to Vancouver to head to Alaska on a giant cruise ship! Stay tuned for more “Expressive Art” mode photos from Alaska! Too much fun.

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