Goodbye for now, BC – Hello again, AB!

July 6 – 8, 2013 


***Again, let me remind you that all photo credit goes to Lausanne, Leanna, Alana, and Mary!! Also, some of the pictures in the photo gallery will be out of order due to file-naming.***

On Saturday morning we prepared to say goodbye to BC for the rest of July at least and headed north along Westside Road, went a little west on Hwy 97 to Kamloops for our morning coffee and bathroom stop and then continued north on Hwy 5 through Barriere and Clearwater until we ran into Hwy 16 to officially enter the Rocky Mountain range. We said hello to Mt. Robson through the clouds (highest peak in the Rockies) and enjoyed our first views of Jasper National Park before running into Leanne (coming in from Edmonton for the weekend) right on the main street!

We wandered through the fabulous Visitor Centre and grabbed a bite to eat before heading out wildlife hunting on Maligne Lake Road as far as Medicine Lake with high hopes to see some bears!

Sunday was a day of sight-seeing the Jasper area. We made our way all the way to Maligne Lake for a walk along the shores, gawked at the height, depth, and roar of Maligne Canyon and finished off the evening with some more elk sightings. After delicious pizza in the park with the sunshine warming us after a cool morning we went back out in search of “black elk” (maybe if we don’t say ‘bear’ we’ll see one? The whole watched kettle never boils trick? Logical, no?) and successfully saw the same little black bear three times before heading back for some Leanne-esque margaritas to celebrate.

Monday we were back on the road along the Icefields Parkway and nearly home (for me!) to Calgary!!

Enjoy the photos!

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