South Okanagan Lakes, Wines, Vistas – Bliss!

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The south end of Okanagan Lake.

July 4, 2013

On a fine summer Thursday, I had the pleasure of driving along, dipping my toes into, photographing, and simply enjoying the pleasure of four different Okanagan lakes. We toured alongside Okanagan Lake from its middle to its southern most tip and enjoyed a coffee break at Courtney’s before continuing south.

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Picnic lunch at Tuc-el-Nuit at The Lakeside Resort

Lake #2, Skaha, welcomed us as we headed towards a late morning ice cream at Tickleberry’s where Courtney decided she wanted to join the continuing tour and met us there. We passed by the quiet, motor-watercraft-free Vaseaux Lake and lunched on another quiet lake, Tuc-el-Nuit, for lunch on the beach at The Lakeside Resort in Oliver. After that, Courtney invited three of us to become famous on the Lakeside website showing off their sweet cruiser bikes that are available to rent.

Osoyoos Lake was next on the views-to-do-list and we traversed our way through Osoyoos and up the switchback road to the viewpoint for a few breath-taking photos and quiet moments before working our way north again back to West Kelowna.

osoyoos lake, lakes, okanagan, valley, road trip, travel, osoyoos, vistas, viewpoints, photos

Mary’s wowza panoramic shot of Osoyoos Lake.

Along with our four lakes, we also made it to a few strategically placed wineries – Kraze Legs and Burrowing Owl. Strategic for sunshine, beauty, and blissful quiet. We also stumbled upon the dilapidated barns that provided the backdrop for a number of Courtney and Dan’s wedding photos last fall!

The ladies had a patio dinner in downtown Kelowna and even bore witness to a Diner en Blanc – sooooooo cool! Stay tuned for the Kettle Valley Railway, Mission Hill Winery, and the continuing road photos en route to Jasper. Enjoy the rest of the photos.

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