Tourist In My Own Town

July 3, 2013

***Disclaimer: Before I go any farther, I need to be sure I give ALL credit where credit is due! Alana, Mary, Lausanne (and in Jasper, Leanne also) did all the photography for this trip. I got to simply enjoy the moments and do the driving!***

bernard, Kelowna, downtown Kelowna, tourist, road trip

Bernard’s new paving, parking, light posts, and the ever-present Sails at the end.

Day 2 – 4 of our Western Canada adventure had me trying to showcase the best of the Okanagan Valley to my foreign friends! We started with a simple wander of the downtown sights – most exciting for me being the fancy-schmancy redone portion of Bernard Avenue.

okanagan regional library, downtown kelowna, infinity artwork, sculpture, downtown Kelowna

Artsy sculpture outside the public library.

We soaked up some tranquility in the Kasugai Gardens before strolling past the library and down the Art Walk to the Laurel Packinghouse to learn some fruit and wine history – along with some first tastes for the girls. The Ogopogo gave us a shout out after we enjoyed a lakeside lunch at Hanna’s, then we headed for some more tingles for our taste buds at Okanagan Spirits, Tree Brewing, and Calona Wines – a whole RANGE of flavours! By then we were more than ready for our afternoon boat ride and headed for Peachland to meet up with Dad and his friend, Ron.

BBQ feast to come!

BBQ feast to come!

Fun times ensued with the GIANT tube to tow up to four of us, a few swims in the middle of the lake, and a slow cruise past the metropolis of downtown Peachland before managing to get back to the house in time for a team barbeque effort. Dad, Donna, Grandma, Courtney, and Dan put together a feast for us to replenish our reserves in preparation for the next day of touristing!

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