Let the summer battery recharge begin!

Summer afternoon, summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language. ~ Henry James

June 28 – July 2, 2013

After a tumultuous and very strange end to what felt like a two and a half year school year, the most anticipated summer in many, many years arrived early on the lovely Friday afternoon of June 28th. I went to McKenzie Lake with Tegan and her kids without any possible piece of technology that would tell me the time. The world was instantly timeless and magical with sun, lake, sand, and snacks.

Tammy arrived later that evening with Phillip from her wilderness adventure to hang out for the weekend. The timeless, summer-holiday-ness continued with a Saturday of sunshine, walking, visiting, and nutella and fruit smeared crepes a la Phillip on Saturday night. I experienced my first ever sugar hangover on Sunday morning. That night I got to leave the house in shambles for Tammy and Phillip to tidy up after they took me to the airport.

Ten years earlier we've clearly aged a bit. And moved from pinning flags into shirts and just wearing coloured shirts! ha

Ten years earlier we’ve clearly aged a bit. And moved from pinning flags into shirts and just wearing coloured shirts! ha

On July 1st holiday Monday CANADA DAY Stacie made me a delightful bacon and eggs and fruit extravaganza before we traipsed around Canada Place in Canada gear! We felt mildly like celebrities when numerous families asked for a photo op with us because we looked, “So Canadian.” We visited her friends’ bbq and watched the flash of the firework lights from her apartment. We, of course, took some time to get in touch with our younger selves and have some silly time.

Tuesday morning rolled around and Alana, Mary, and Lausanne picked me up downtown and we officially began our mini Western Canada road trip from Vancouver to Calgary.

(You’ll have to zoom out on the map to see the route of our first leg to the Okanagan!)

pemberton, hwy 99, vancouver to Kelowna, road trip, reflection, lake, mountains,

Pre-Pemberton we found a beautifully reflective body of water; Lillooet brought us out of the lush deciduous forest into desert scrub country where we saw trains, hydro dams, and a cute small town café for a delicious lunch. Lytton came next after following the ginormous Fraser all the way to where it meets the Thompson. SO COOL.

lillooet, hwy 99, hwy 12, road trip, fraser river, thompson river

Coming into Lillooet – look how tiny we are in that giant valley!

Gas and ice cream on the way out of Lytton refueled us for the fast and furious drive through Merritt to momsie’s in West Kelowna.

lytton, fraser river, thompson river, road trip, hwy 12, bc

The meeting of the rivers – Fraser and Thompson.

The ladies had a night of spaghetti, visiting with Mom and Tony, and early to bed. I, on the other hand, found more timelessness perfection and was treated to the most lovely date night out one could hope for. And I’ll just leave it at that. 🙂

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