My First Rain Jacket

Yessiree, my very first real rainjacket!

Yessiree, my very first real rainjacket!

May 26, 2013

This afternoon I zipped over to Canmore to hang out with my cousin Tammy before she ventured out on the next portion of her first aid/wilderness/guide training in the Canmore area. It was the most GORGEOUS drive EVER! Brilliantly sunny and the most VIBRANT of neon greens of leaves on all the trees after three solid days of rain. And, of course, a fantabulous backdrop of snow covered Rocky Mountains. Sigh. So, so, so happy to be home in Canada, and still so in love with Alberta.

Tammy and the rest of the crew doing her course are staying at the Alpine Club of Canada – hostel/cabins/place of awesomeness.

canmore, alpine club of canada, alberta, hostel, canada, calgary, hikin g

We headed downtown for a few last minute items for Tammy’s TWENTY FOUR DAY hike. YIKKKKES! She took me to Switching Gear Sports Consignment. How fun! Who knew such a place existed! I not only found the fabo rain jacket above, I also got an Under Armour hoodie and some other lil spring-y like zip hoodie. Then I quickly paid before I could find more goodies.

On my way home – still in the brilliant sun at 7:30 pm I headed for a rather ominous looking raincloud, but a quick pass through and was back in the sunshine by the time I hit home!

three sisters, rocky mountains, rockies, alberta, canmore

The Three Sisters just hanging out at the end of the Alpine Club driveway to say goodbye on my way out! (Yes, this photo was really truly taken at 7:30 pm.)

Sunshiny, fluffy cloud happiness.

Sunshiny, fluffy cloud happiness.

Rain from afar.

Rain from afar.

Almost in the thick of it.

Almost in the thick of it.

A perfect Sunday!

2 responses to “My First Rain Jacket

  1. Wow, 24 days, go Tammy! That is serious, good on ya. Kimbo you have to take me to switching gear next time I’m out there, sounds like my kinda place.

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