The Best Live Sport

May 5, 2013


“Go ‘Necks Go! Go ‘Necks Go! Go ‘Necks Go!” ~ Howie the Honey Badger, mascot for the Calgary Roughnecks

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It must be said, Lacrosse is the best sport to watch live (well, in Calgary at least).

Simply, here’s a list:

1) It’s Canada’s national sport, so we should all get on board.

2) There’s a DJ and he plays music through the entire game. The announcer also keeps the crowd hyped up the whole time.

3) The spectators are packed in as low as possible so you’re surrounded by fans regardless of a 20 000 person capacity with only 10 000 seats full. Feels like there are 30 000 of us there!

4) The fans are wicked awesome! The cheering never stops!

5) Super, super, super, fast-paced, rough play – but not a fight in sight.

6) Barely a ref’s whistle – they just play.

7) Lots of scoring and hoopla after each goal! Last night’s crazy intense playoff game ended 14 – 13. The Roughnecks unfortunately lost, but it was an AMAZING nailbiter from start to finish.

8) Four quarters of 15 minutes and only five minute intermissions.

9) Cheerleaders and fun mini competitions and games in between all the action.

10) The Wave – never seen a better wave than at the last few lacrosse games.

11) Little boys that love to wave their shirts above their heads after EVERY goal. Great way to spend family time that’s actually G rated!

12) A shot clock – SOMEbody’s gotta take a shot in 30 seconds or the other team gets possession – keeps things moving!

13) Entirely affordable vouchers for the game from Safeway that still yield wicked seats (row 15 of the lower bowl last night!)

Last night, at a 14-13 score, the play stopped with 40 seconds left. When the whistle blew to start the game again, every.single.person. in the arena stood up simultaneously to scream and cheer and clap and stomp and sing to the music non-stop for the remainder of the game. PURE EXHILARATION. True, they didn’t manage to slide in that last goal, but the crowd stayed till the bitter end and kept on cheering and clapping for their Roughnecks despite the end of their Championship hopes.

saddledome, pengrowth saddledome, calgary roughnecks, lacrosse,

Colette and I were both WAY too wrapped up in the game to think about a photo or a video. I so wish I’d captured those last 40 seconds of connection with nearly 10 000 others. Sigh.  I did manage to dig up this strange mish-mash combo of photo and video from the first lacrosse game I ever went to in 2009. Check out the Facebook page to watch it.

Last night’s game definitely tops the list for best live sporting event I’ve been to. Even beats out the Flames/Oilers rival game from a lower box at centre ice. By far.

Go Roughnecks!

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