Thirty + seven + two = four + four + fifteen, etc. = HOME.

December 8 – 14, 2013

Can’t make sense of that? I barely can myself.

Let me try to decipher it for you.

Thirtieth (ew, that sounds definitive) birthday + seven days later + two more days of teaching in Australia EVER left = four nights on the road before flying to Tasmania + four nights in Tasmania + 15 (etc) hours flying = CANADA FOR CHRISTMAS!

Since my 6 X 5 pool birthday party last Saturday, the festivities, fun, and also work has continued. On Sunday we said “official” goodbyes to SAETL and thanks for the year at the year end picnic. Then we headed straight to the Christmas staff show for hellos and Merry Christmasses in the afternoon sun.

On Monday, I finished up one last appointment and we managed to squeeze in an afternoon trip down to see the Goolwa barrage, a walk over the dune to touch the Southern Ocean, and lunched at the Port Elliot Bakery. The torrential rain and wind hit before our coastal walk so we zipped back home for a kangaroo steak feast. YUM YUM.

Black swans at Goolwa.

Black swans at Goolwa.

Some interesting white bird.

Some interesting white bird.





On my actual Bee-day on Wednesday, Dad brought me a coffee in my bedroom and when I emerged, the three of them had decorated with some banners and birthday cards. At school I had cards and hugs and smiles from staff and Janis and I were treated with a morning tea for our decade-apart birthdays. At home I found more birthday decor adorning the dinner table, festive wine glass indicators and even a birthday cake a la Grandma!!! So spoiled!

A few of my school saviours joined myself and the fam for dinner at Windy Point (yup, squeezed in one more kangaroo steak) and I got more spoiled with visits, hugs, and a few giftees. I can’t even remember the rest of the week after that wonderful day. Well, two days really since my birthday wishes from Canada came a day later!

Foreign birthday tea for the Brit and the Canuck.

Foreign birthday tea for the Brit and the Canuck.

On Friday we headed off for my second visit to the Riverland. We stayed at the Berri Caravan Park in a cabin that was about 38 degrees hot when we walked in at 9 pm. HOLY MOSES. Good thing the air conditioner meant business and worked quickly!

In the morning we collected a delicious picnic lunch from the market and picnicked at Lake Bonney in Barmera. Our late afternoon was destined for reading and puzzling and it was deeeeeelightful. That evening we joined Mary and Alana’s last hurrah before they depart for their exchange in Vancouver in three weeks!

Sunday was no less busy than any other day since the fam has arrived. Dad and I ambled up the water tower viewpoint and across a bridge and through the “mall” while Donna and Grandma checked out church in Australia. We then ambled our way home and while they napped and rested and read, I pulled myself together for Evan and Elyssa’s farewell BBQ before they head on their final travels and back home to Toronto. More organizing ensued when I arrived back home. Phew. I am getting tired again just thinking about and writing all this!

Dad ready for take-off to climb the water tower.

Dad ready for take-off to climb the water tower.


Sparrow nests on our epic climb to the scenic lookout.

Sparrow nests on our epic climb to the scenic lookout.

Like nerd-father, like nerd-daughter in da tilley hats.

Like nerd-father, like nerd-daughter in da tilley hats.


The Murky, I mean, Murray River.


Celebration night happened on Monday night at the school and each grade shared a dance while their parents picnicked and drank on the hillside. Tuesday night was the school staff final farewell and tonight and Thursday nights are the final packing and cleaning to-dos before we take off on our final holiday on Friday!

After these last two weeks of work, ten days holidaying here, a long-ass flight home and a week of Christmassing in Kelowna, I will DEFINITELY be hibernating in MYYYYY home in Calgary for the month of January. I hope I get some visitors. 😀

In case this is my last 2012 post – Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all! Thank you so much for reading and I hope you’ll continue following to hear about my Tasmania trip and future (and past recollections of) trips!

If it’s not my last one…well, I’ll just say it all again in the next one!

4 responses to “Thirty + seven + two = four + four + fifteen, etc. = HOME.

  1. Another hot day here today Kimberly-air con getting a good workout!! Enjoy your last TWO DAYS teaching in Oz, and your crazy few weeks between now and when school restarts in Canada 🙂 See you over there!

  2. Glad you are enjoying the “wind-down”…..and looking forward to the January hibernation!!!! Safe travels lovely!

  3. Is tomorrow (mine that is) really your last day. In other words my tomorrow is your next day and that means it’s Saturday and your DONE!!!! ???? If that’s true have a fun time travelling and make sure you see the caves on your way by Mt. Gambier and enjoy Taz.
    See you soon.

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