The end is near…

November 6 – 25, 2013

In precisely one month I will be on a plane back to the homeland!! WHHHEEEEEE!!!!

Scrolling back, I realize it’s been nearly a month since I  updated this darn ole’ travel blog – Halloween!

On Tuesday, November 6th my dear friend Donna (who I worked with at the Downtown Kelowna Association together for three years) and Gerry (her husband) came to visit for a week. We toured around the Fleurieu Peninsula. We stayed in Strathalbyn in a bed and breakfast with a lovely 73-year-old woman who LOVED the Royal Family like nothin’ else! We lunched at the Flying Fish in Port Elliott, dined late at Cafe Ruffino after Donna rescued a dog (…or snatched, we haven’t quite decided which yet!), browsed an array of antiques shops from awesome to awkward, and watched dolphins frolic off Granite Island after walking over from our afternoon picnic in Victor Harbour. We also enjoyed a few lovely barbequed dinners, reading by the pool, and laughed and gasped over countless episodes of Law & Order: SVU.

port noarlunga

Above Port Noarlunga at the start of our weekend trip.

Morning coffee and cake break at the Teal Tortoise (or something like that!)

Victor Harbour horses

Walking past the horse-drawn train car across the bridge from Victor Harbour to Granite Island.

Gerry rescuing a pine cone from the river in Strathalbyn for Donna. Wonder what she did with it in the end…..

Look how many different foods they serve? Guess when there are only three restaurants in the whole town they have to multi-task!

An “antique shop” that was shut down for health reasons. I wonder why…

Antiques shops EVERYwhere in Strathalbyn!

The most amazing outfit EVER. Look at the combination of colours and patterns she has?!?!?

Oh, right, and the 1908 historical restored boat at Goolwa wharf that the crazy lady is sitting on!

Pelicans near the barrage – the New Zealand fur seals were out playing too!

They flew home on Wednesday and on Saturday morning I headed to the Riverland area to spend the weekend – and more! – with complete strangers! I met Alana and Mary at the annual dinner for the exchange teachers (previous, current, and future). They will be heading off to the Vancouver area in January to start their exchange adventure. On Saturday afternoon we met up with a few of their friends and went boating on the Murray River and had snacks on the beach. We ripped back to the house then showered and dressed and were on our way back out for dinner in twenty minutes! On Sunday we lunched while overlooking the wetlands and on Monday I went to school with Mary – and three others. One school had 200 students and an actual BELL the kids rung before and after school. A smaller school had 60 students and a final two school had LESS THAN 25 STUDENTS IN THE WHOLE SCHOOL! It was such a neat experience and got my jazzed with a few new ideas for next year. Yip! On my drive home I stopped for photos of jacaranda trees, hectares of grapevines, and the most beautiful Alberta-esque fields ever. It nearly brought me to tears! I have never been so thrilled to see miles of crop!

Boating on the Murray River!


Dinner – the ghost even made an appearance!

Oh, Tegan, I’m using your present from ages ago!

Lunch on Sunday! Jo even came over from Loxton to overlook the wetlands with us.


The real, true bell at Monash School.

Holy Smokes!

Jacaranda tree…. oh em gee!

Yesterday I did some seriously overdue yardwork and today, I enjoyed a river cruise on the Coorong with Lin and her visitors from Vermont, Tuesday a friend from a bus tour in January passes through for an evening, and on Friday Dad, Donna, and Grandma arrive!!! Three weeks of work to go, Great Ocean Road and Tasmania, then jetting home with Grandma on Christmas Eve! So, based on that, my updates may be a little slim in the coming weeks!

Well, I have about a zillion photos I am going to put in a gallery now, Alana took BEAUTIFUL photos of our day on the Murray River and I just can’t choose which ones are the best. Photos and details from my yardwork day and the Coorong to come! I know you’re dying to hear about my day of chores. Bahaha. (PS – Not sure why some of Alana’s photos got flipped around the wrong way, bah.)

2 responses to “The end is near…

  1. Great recap of a fantastic weekend! Yeah, not sure what is with the photos flipping around :/ See you again this weekend 🙂 (and only 9 days to go!!)

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