Pre-Ceremony Preparations

Check here if you want to get back into the pre-wedding prep frame of mind and refresh on the lead-up events:

Emotional Jetlag

The Week Before

Photo Tidbits and Friday

The Morning!!

Sarah snuck out of our room to suss out the situation at “headquarters” and I snuck in to Courtney’s bed to have one last sister snuggle and “Christmas Eve excitement” visit before the day began. Eeee!!! After today, and one of us getting married, we would truly be grown-ups. Like we weren’t already… Sarah snuck back in bearing toast and fruit to enjoy with our freshly ground coffee then we headed out to our lakefront yoga session with Kassandra.

Can you think of a better way to start such an epic day? Well, Dan and Chris had something to add….they went running into the lake to freshen up and we just had to follow!

It all ended with a boisterous session of laughter yoga.

After our mini-swim we broke up for our last rounds of visiting and checking out the progress of set-up before congregating in Room 12 for beautification!

Time for the ladies to get ready!

Outside Room 12, a beautiful few of the many gladioli and other flowers planted by Dawn and arranged by Gillian.

Makeup with Jamie in the natural light!

Hair curlin’ time!

Purdy gal! Makeup done, hair next.

Hair and dancing to Tiffany, “…then you put your arms around me and we tumble to the ground and then you say…”

No peeking!

The boys were also getting the ball rolling…

Turns out they needed another freshen up swim.

Gettin’ snazzy.

Laurelle made gorgeous multi-coloured earrings for the bride and Shauna snazzed and glittered Courtney’s nails.

…and for the three of us too!

Gillian and the bouquets have arrived!

Veil placement – with the key forehead-holder.

Time to lace up the dress!

..examining the bust of the dress time also??

Everybody’s gettin’ in on it!

Getting close to the end!

A mom-daughter moment while she’s locked into place!

O.M.G. You’re in a wedding dress and getting MARRIED today!

Finishing touches! Thanks Tammy!

Finishing trims. Thanks Gail!

Flower girl hair curl and bubble gun – check!

Teeth polishing!

All ready! Cheeers!

Bottoms up!

Let’s do this!

Meanwhile, everyone was was working their butts off to set up the beautiful tents for eating, dancing, listening to music, eating popcorn, getting drinks. The “aisle” was built, the arbour set into place, chairs set, and pinatas hung. Canvasses were arranged, paint laid out, tickle trunk and backdrop confirmed. The Lakeside Resort was busy and bustling like you wouldn’t believe!

Aisle creation to the arbour.

Guest book and memorium table.

Canvas and paint layout.

My own special wine glass. “K”

Colourful table runners, Mason jar candles, lumber and seedling centrepieces.

Is it the most beautiful rainbow of happiness or WHAT?!?!

Hours of measuring, cutting, punching, stringing and hanging – incredible beacons of colourful love.

There was certainly some down time for our guests pre-ceremony as well!

Gillian’s flower creation on Mel and Nancy’s arbour construction.

Welcome to the D & C Wedding Weekend!

Tid-bits of popcorn. Popcorn machine – best idea ever!!

Thanks Uncle Mel and Nancy!

A very green wedding.

Holy onion chopping Batman! Good thing Tony came prepared!

Braden and Dennis puttin’ the pieces together.

Sigh. Beauty.

The secret garden that Dawn created for Gillian’s taking.

Dress-up box at a wedding? Shit yes!

The head table getting its colourful splashes.

Thanks for lanterns, chairs, and tables, DPA!

Paint and brushes!

Cupcakes iced!

Mix that icing!

Early testing of the tickle trunk.

And popcorn tasting too!

Chairs for the fam-damly.

Humberto getting set to rock out the video-ing for the day.

Putting together the cupcake holder!

Mmmmm….the dinner menu!

Ta-da! Yummy yum, Leah!

Oh that delicious note, I will finish Day 9’s post of NaNoWriNO / NaBloPoMo. Click here to learn more about this crazy idea I’d joined into. Stay tuned for Ceremony and Dinner & Dance portions of that lovely day. Sigh.

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