Halloween Hurrah!

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I’ve never enjoyed Halloween as much as I did/am this year. My students have not dressed up for it every year, they haven’t learned the same histories about Jack O’Lanterns over and over, they haven’t done the same word searches and colouring pages. They haven’t heard of Linus’ desire to see the Great Pumpkin.

Most of them don’t even know what a pumpkin is. (Note: they call squash pumpkins over here). I had a parent say to me with childish glee in her eyes, “I saw this HUGE pumpkin at the supermarket yesterday. It was so… ORANGE.” I exploded with laughter right in her face. It’s okay, she laughed with me. I considered buying a pumpking to carve with the kids and roast the seeds and the whole she-bang. But they were like $3.00 a kilogram. They’re excited enough to draw and colour pumpkins and watch Lucy massacre one while Linus watches in horror. When polled about who knows who Charlie Brown is, all I got in response were blinks and blank stares. Quietest moment I’ve had all year with those chilens. You can guess what I’ll be showing as the first Christmas movie of the season. (Which begins in three days, I might add).

Now, where was I going with all of this rambling… Oh right, liking Halloween. I am a freaking All Hallow’s Eve EXPERT here in Australia. The kids – and adults – hang off every word when I explain the traditions’ histories. I could be telling some TERRIFIC fabrications and they wouldn’t know any different. It all sounds pretty fantastical even when it is the truth. I’ve managed to secure permission to have the kids in Year one (and teachers!) dress up on Wednesday, so I am thrilled to go to work being one of two adults in costume. Haha.

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Look at all our awesome Salvos and dollar store accessories!

My excitement for this year’s Halloween was slow to build, starting with a trip to the Salvos with Elyssa. We saw these incredible shirts that were just begging to be put in a dress up box. So, we bought them and agreed we’d have to have a Halloween party to justify the purchase. She LOVES Halloween, so the idea of a dress up party began to grow.

Last night it finally came to fruition with a traditional Aussie bbq of a cylindrical sausage on a square piece of bread folded into a triangle. With “tomato sauce.” Wrapped in a napkin. Favourite Aussie food. ???? I know. Oh, I should clarify. White bread. No rounded top. Seriously square. And thin as a fat pancake. Against all logic, tasty. Elyssa and I couldn’t bring ourselves to buy square white bread, and I brought out mustard and cheese to enhance the sausage sizzle. And sizzle it did. Evan and Patrice manned the bbq (even changed the propane tank – how convenient to run out while they were here), Karen, Lynne, and Monica brought ‘nibbles’ and dessert, and food and drink were enjoyed by all. Later, Bianca even got a dance party started to the most random of party playlists.

jello shooters

Bianca also brought jello shooters without the shot glass. Tasted just as good with a spoon!

sausage sizzle, bbq, dinner, leftovers

The remnants of our sausage sizzle as the dance party gets ramped up!

Best costume was a toss up between Andrea’s impressive makeup artistry to create “Death” and Evan donning Elyssa’s jeggings to be a hipster. Renae warmed my heart (and Monica’s) with her cowgirl outfit (neighing horse toy to boot) and Franziska’s Minnie made me swoon a little. Monica looked lovely in pigtails and tutu for her first ever ballet recital and Bianca was a cozy murder victim in pink pjs. Karen made the perfect traditional witch and Lynne hid from us all behind a exquisite mask. Patrice made a wonderfully orange-y pumpkin and Manon arrived beautifully as a high school student. As for Elyssa and I… our crazy shirts plus other random accessories are open to interpretation – what would you say we were?? Seriously, I’ll need something to tell my students and their parents on Wednesday….

Look at those shorty Canadians! Ha.

Death aka Andrea

Cowgirl, masked beauty, Death, Witch, Bookworm Pixie

Dancin’ dancin’ dancin’!

Evan the Hipster yappin’ on his phone.

What a night!

Also, this Charlie and Lola clip with the biggest, orangiest pumpkin in the whole of Halloween is too cute not to share!

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