Right now…well, and before also.

I read this post on my friend Leigh’s blog that she borrowed from her friend’s blog and so now I am going to borrow the idea to share the details of my first two weeks of my LAST TERM!!

Feeling refreshed after a morning of Skyping with ALL of my family and mowing the lawn in the sunshine. SUNSHINE.

grass, mowing, lawn, sunshine, spring weather

Reading too many books right now. Working through Dracula, Pull of the Moon, The Shadow of the Wind, and just picked up Eragon from the school library. I decided a entertaining teen fantasy series of four books would be a good way to end the year. Terrific poolside reading.

Longing for nothing at THIS precise moment. But otherwise the list is pretty standard for the year. Calling, seeing, touching, visiting my family whenever I want. Hanging out with my friends at home more than I have in the past. My classroom in Calgary set to my specifications and students more familiar with the teacher-student boundary of respect. Snow for Christmas and my fireplace. A deep kitchen sink. Affordable living.

Laughing at Skittle pausing to listen and look around when Dad and Donna started whistling and talking to him this morning through the computer.

Crying yesterday when we watched Finding Nemo in class. I’ve watched it a zillion times dry-eyed but it just GOT me yesterday. Yes, Carol and Gerry, I am still finding curricular connections to Disney (& Pixar) and the drop of a hat on a Friday afternoon when a break is needed.

Looking forward to the school events, work-related trips, friend visitors, family visitors, adventure to the last state/territory in Australia that I have yet to experience.

Journaling is still a lifeline for me. Despite having two blogs, I still record thoughts, ideas, events, and feelings on paper with varying regularity. I, at the minimum, record my life into the tiny boxes of a calendar. Often only a tiny reminder is required to trigger the memory of the entire day, week, month.

Celebrating the fact that I can open up all areas of the house again and am back at the dining room table looking out the window rather than a wall! The piano is calling!! Also, celebrating the return of the sun at tonight’s SUN party with other exchangees that are just as relieved to have it back!

Eating fruit and vegetables again after over a week of NO fresh food shopping upon my return post-wedding. Also, the (seemingly) required beyond-cheddar cheese inclusion at every meal in Australia.

apple, orange, fruit, cheese, lunch, fresh

Running (driving?) a new route to get to the Port River for kayaking with the dolphins with Lin, Bernadette, and Elyssa last weekend. Granted, after we saw the dolphins, Elyssa and I spent more time soaking up the sun pretending the river was a lake rather than actually paddling to the next sight.

dolphins, port river, adelaide, kayak, suntan, lake

Hoping that Lin had a lovely birthday dinner (that she hosted, thank you) with Tim, Bernadette, Evan, Elyssa, Brigitte, Manon, and Patrice. And hoping that we’ll continue to stay in touch once we return to the United States (NOT America), Canada,  and Reunion Island at the end of this year.

Planning more coffee dates, walks, and movies with Emma, Lynne, Andrea, Leanne, Karen, and Heather before I say goodbye to them at the end of the year. And hoping WE also stay in touch once I am gone.

Drinking PineLime. Sound like Pine-sol to you too? It’s the ever popular “cordial” syrup added to water. Pineapple-Lime flavour is quite refreshing. Attempting to use some of the food items in the pantry, but I anticipate it may look very similar upon my exchangees return to whhat it did when they left!

Missing …. you all know this one. I’m also missing seeing fresh water and mountains. Even if they are far off in the distance an hour’s drive away.

Listening to the “K” artists on my iPod today. Enjoying Kanye and KidCudi thoroughly through lunch and blogging. Pursuit of Happiness – thumbs up on that song.

Making a trip to Target, Big W, K-Mart and Salvos for Halloween costume completion and summer wardrobe building with Elyssa next week. You can be sure we’ll be in all the kids’ sections as usual.

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