Coming down from the Wedding Weekend High

I just can’t do it justice! For the last week I’ve come to this place and stared at the computer screen contemplating how to even begin to put the Saturday of Courtney and Dan’s wedding into words. There also aren’t enough pictures to create the whole story adequately. And so, I won’t even try. At least not yet. The day will come when I have the photos and the words to attempt to re-create the magic for all of you not present that gorgeous weekend.

Until then, let me finish off the rest of the holidays before coming back to Australia for my last term of Year One.

On Sunday morning all guests enjoyed the bounty of muffins made by friends and family, organic coffee, orange juice, and delightful Rolo, Coffee Crisp, and After Eight hot chocolates. YUMMY! I attempted to help with some cleanup, but was feeling pretty wiped out by the whole weekend – mostly emotionally wiped out! Back at mom’s, we all recouped for the rest of Sunday and Monday. I ventured out Monday night for the most taste-bud pleasing rye whiskey and cokes with Craig and a walk through the lovely streets of downtown Kelowna.

Tuesday morning I awoke to a completely seized up hip flexor – I could barely walk, I couldn’t put my pant leg on, trying to bend myself down onto the toilet brought me to tears!!!! Too much information? Ha! Whooops. Since I could barely lift my leg, I figured driving might not be super safe. Dad picked me up and took me to see good ol’ Dr. Banwell. Oh, has he seen a lot of us over the years! I got a prescription for some painkillers and after Dad helped lift my leg into the truck, we went to Peachland for the next couple days.

Lucky for me, cousin Tammy was around, so we got on the speakerphone with husband Tim – physiotherapist extraordinaire – and assessed my poor, poor hip. We “tenderized” my muscles then she beat me up a little. That, plus the painkillers, allowed me to catch up on the previous night’s disrupted sleep. Ohhhhhhh napping. How I love thee.

pre-Russell Peters, Tammy, family, cousin, Peachland
Thanks for fixin’ me up Tam!

A few more hip treatments and I was capable of driving for my date with Russell Peters!! And Craig. Russell and Felipe, his opener, both tickled our funny bones and Original Joe’s satisfied our need for SNACKS afterwards.

Russell Peters, Prospera Place, comedy, comedian, funny, jokes, Felipe Esparza
Got to meet him, even TOUCH him! Oh, the celebrity!

Wednesday was a lovely day of reading in the sun, gazing at the lake, and getting one more Starbuck’s in with Daddo post- hip xray.

We also enjoyed the fruits (literally!) of the Okanagan fall harvest. Endless grapes and GIANT apples, along with some dried cherries, plums, and canned tomatoes till the cows come home.

grapes, Okanagan fruit, fall, harvest

A tiny sampling of the backyard grape vines.

Baby grape. Giant apple.

Half as big as Daddo’s head. It’s a family-sized apple feast!

Peachland, Okanagan lake, apples, mountains, sunshine, autumn

Fruit. Sunshine. Autumn. Lake. Mountains. Perfection.

The perfection of the day continued into the evening when the cool autumn evening allowed me to convince Dad and Donna that a fire was necessary for the evening. It made for the perfect floor location for laying on a towel-wrapped rolling pin to tenderize my hip and leg muscles in front of the warm crackle while reading, reading, reading my book all late afternoon.

fire, books, reading, pjs, rolling pin

We capped off the evening with a pizza, The Hunger Games, Coca Cola, and popcorn.

We slept in on my last day in town, hobbled along the lake for lunch at Grandma’s, last minute laundry and packing. In the afternoon, we hit Mosaic books for some Canadian children’s books to take back to Adelaide and had a coffee at Mimi’s on the sun-warmed patio. Dinner was scrumptious steak and potato from The Keg and then off to the airport for more goodbyes.

Vineyards, Lake, Mountains en route to my last supper.


4 responses to “Coming down from the Wedding Weekend High

    • A multitude of lakes in the Okanagan constantly beckon to be enjoyed. It’s heaven in the summer months. 🙂 I strongly encourage a visit.

  1. Thanks for the detailing the memories!!! It was so good to see you. I am glad you “tenderized” repeatedly and were able to enjoy your date!!!! xox

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