Photo Tidbits & Friday!!

A few other photo tidbits of the holidays home up until Saturday morning….which is still to come. 😀

Jeannie and me at Courtney’s Umbrella Drink Afternoon

The joys of inexpensive Tim Horton’s. Take that, Australia! Haha 😀

A freezer full of 400 hamburgers and veggie burgers.

Knowles Park for Med Market subs.

Post-sandwich thank you card writing at Knowles Park.

No, we weren’t drinking beer, it just happened to be our storage box of choice.

Friday, Friday, Friday… 8:00 am we had a marvelous breakfast spread thanks to Sally. From there began setup in and around the wedding tents. Table arranging; banner and light hanging; pinata set-up; coloured ball arranging; canvas easel construction; table wrapping and runner laying. Table papering; seedling centre-piece placing; tent-building, cabana layout, and RV parking; friend and family hellos and meetings. At 4:00 pm we rounded ourselves up to run through a rehearsal of the next day’s ceremony. Sarah, Ang, and I rearranged ourselves a few times to sort out where to stand. Mom and Sally were surprised with the honour of being official witness to the legalities. The boys practiced their jigs down the aisle to match Ralph’s wood flute music. A medley of chilis mixed together for a feast with family and friends.

As the evening continued into night, more guests arrived and mini gatherings formed around the motel, campsites, firepits on the beach. Craig and I put the finishing touches (or so we thought at the time!) on our multiple playlists for tomorrow’s evening of dancing then party hopped from group to group to say hellos and goodnights. I finally creeped into bed and spent the next hour dreaming – while still awake – in to-do lists. I did finally fall asleep with the anticipation of the day to come looming in my thoughts. EeeeeEEEeeeeEEEee!!

3 responses to “Photo Tidbits & Friday!!

  1. I would love to have the opportunity to have a hot, delicious cup of Australian Java! Perhaps someday I may be lucky enough to venture down under! Gerry

  2. Friday was a full day of so much help and coming together of awesomeness. the Tents looked soooooooo good!!!

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