The Week Before

Alright, so I made it through Saturday’s arrival, haircut, makeup shopping spree; Sunday’s shower and emotional breakdowns and music hunt; Monday’s coffee bean grinding, banner stringing, and thank card making.

On Tuesday morning I managed to grind a whole bag of coffee beans without incident before meeting my mom in Westbank to fortify ourselves with some Timbits and coffee before shopping for the makings of the most delicious hamburger patties and veggie burgers EVER!

We hit Wal-Mart, the new Bulk Barn, Staples, and a few other places to knock of a few items on the errand to-do list. Mom loves her errand running! Back in the car early that evening (so much for thinking I might try to avoid driving this trip! PAH!) to get all the ingredients down to Penticton to make hundreds of burgers. Halfway there….busted car. But, when this is the “stuck on the side of the highway” view, it wasn’t such a bad bit of quiet time while I waited for rescue.

I made it just as they finished chopping hoards of onions and garlic and we got serious about burger creation in Joy Catering’s sweet-ass kitchen. THANKS Cam and Dana!
Wednesday morning, Sarah, Courtney, and I swung past Starbuck’s on our way to pampering of getting our nails done and Sarah and Courtney pumped out thank you cards while I  just soaked up every moment of home. After all that tough work, we hit Mediterranean Market for the ultimate sandwich and hit Knowles Heritage Park again to continue working on thank you cards and speech tweaking.

The car is fixed! Yipeee!! To Peachland with C and S and pick it up and then back to Momsie’s to …. have a moment alone?! I sat down on the couch and was suddenly soooooooooo wiped. I ate a pancake for dinner and Craig came over for some serious music playlist creating. Thursday was a computer day of notes, emails, more to-dos and finally after my fave, fave chicken dinner a la Mom and packing up I headed south to Oliver and the Lakeside Resort. I arrived just in time to say goodnight to Dad and Donna, Courtney and Dan. Guess it was time to get to know the Bouchards!  Woo!

Friday morning, let the games begin. Wedding weekend began at 8:00 am SHARP! Sooooo exciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiited!!!

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