Emotional Jetlag

Mountains of Vancouver peeping out of the clouds.

Two weeks ago I hop, skip, jumped from Adelaide to Sydney to Vancouver to Kelowna. I left my house in Adelaide at 4:30 am two Saturdays ago and landed in hugs from Dad, Donna, Courtney, and Dan in the Kelowna Airport at 10:30 am – also on Saturday. So strange.

Our first stop was Starbuck’s for the tastiest decaf, extra hot, Caramel Macchiato ever!! Knowles Heritage Park and brilliant sunshine welcomed our morning coffee party and after that I headed straight into the shower at mom’s.

A nap and a haircut later rendered me ready for PEROGIES!

What a funny first meal mom decided to cook me considering I’d discovered a few weeks before that the majority of the staff at the school where I teach in Australia don’t know what perogies are!

A few key steps are necessary for the best perogy experience. Cheemo Potato and Cheddar Cheese perogies. Boiled first. Then, fried in onions (even if you don’t eat the onions!)

Cheemo, perogy, fried, onions, delicious,  

Top it off with a pile of sour cream and bacon bits and you’ve got a feast of champions! YUMMY!! I was ready for bed by 7 pm but luckily I was hankering for a visit to Shopper’s Drug Mart and a dollar store! Wooo!!! I managed to spend enough at Shopper’s for them to hand over 18 500 points and a gift box full of lotion, perfume, and lip glosses. Mom, Gran, and I also hit the jackpot at Dollarama with some last minute decorations for Courtney’s Un-Shower for the next afternoon.

Shopper's Drug Mart, gift box, samples, points, awesomeness

By some miracle, I stayed up until 11:00 pm and was completely out of it until 9:00 am the next morning. By 12:30 pm Donna and I were busy decorating and setting up for Courtney’s Umbrella Drink Afternoon along with some later help from Sally, Sarah, (mom and sista of the groom), Mom, Gran, Grandma, and a number of Courto’s friends. It was a magnificent afternoon of family, friends, food, entertainment, and goodie bags.

unshower, umbrella drinks, Courtney, games, fun, rainbow theme

That evening, I blame jetlag for my over-emotional outbursts of the night. Bahaha…. I managed to cry about eight times while hanging out with some family on Dad and Donna’s patio that evening before intending to go to bed early…. Until I made the mistake of reading my wedding speech to D & D for advice. Then Dad figured he’d read his to us. Then we started talking about first dance songs. Sigh. A few hours of cds, tapes (yes, casette tapes), youtube and wikipedia searches later, we finally went to bed well after midnight. Whoops!

The emotional jetlag continued Monday morning when I got to Courtney’s and attempted to grind some coffee beans for the wedding weekend. Simple enough job, right? A few spilled beans, a batch or two not ground to quite the right consistency, and the tears surfaced again. Oh dear… I could barely handle putting together the rafia and cardstock banners later that morning and afternoon at Sally and Paul’s. By 7:00 pm that evening, I’d managed to pull myself together enough to exchange verbal jousts with Pierette and Courtney while building thank you cards, drinking tea, and giggling at Minou’s kitten antics.

Exhausted yet from reading how much I did in my first two and a half days upon arrival at home? Just imagining what the previous days, weeks, months of preparation would have been like for my family and Dan’s family makes me need an immediate nap!

And on that note, I will continue my epic adventure home in another post. Stay tuned for Tim Horton’s, hamburgers, music, and more. Excited? Oh, you should be!!! 😀

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