My Travels…not bad, not bad at all.

For someone who’s never described herself as much of a traveller (at least until after university, and even then, meh, not a serious one), I’ve actually seen a few places! About two weeks ago, I “launched” a Facebook Page, mostly connected to my other blog, Kimberly’s Cave. I wasn’t entirely sure why or what to share on the page, but what the heck, right? Eventually, I decided upon random photos of beautiful, memorable, or bizarre places and events at which I’d been. As I revisited all the photo albums I had on my personal Facebook profile (no, friends, I never deleted my account, just sorta paused it – I needed a FB rest), I had a lovely stroll down memory lane. That expression should be so overdone, but still, I like it. And a pretty good lane it was to stroll along. Even if my “travels” were sometimes only an hour south of Calgary, where I live, why not consider it somewhere special I’ve been and worth sharing?

longview, travelling, sightseeing, alberta, photography, open spaces, rockies

Longview, Alberta, Canada

Carrying around a .22 rifle looking for gophers in a cow pasture on a sunny, winter Saturday afternoon with gorgeous Rocky Mountains in the distance can count as a special vacation can’t it? Driving from Calgary to Kelowna three different ways with lunch and photo ops along the way – doesn’t that count as experiencing the world around you?

As my year “down under” continues on well past the halfway point and my followers continue to grow, I’ve wondered to myself if I will/can continue the blog once I return home. My photo explore has prompted me to think, “YES!” I am actually really eager to go back through all my photos and write about the trip to Italy in 2006. The trips with Bev to Vegas and Hawaii. A few trips to Vancouver here and there. My journeys

okanagan lake, kelowna, swim across the lake, summer, swimming

Maybe someday I’ll even share why I’m wearing a wetsuit on smokin’ hot morning at the lake with an ankle monitor.

through the Kootenays to get home to Kelowna some summers. Why not the trip to Mexico when I was twelve years old? Or perhaps my five trips to Disneyland?! I’m sure I could find a way to make it thrilling for others to read. And if my readership drops to zero, well, I’m left with a wickedly awesome Travel Journal for myself. Good enough for me!

So, while we still have over three months to go until 2013 hits, I’m writing tonight to tantalize you with thoughts of the mundane, everyday summer and winter roads trips and homely adventures of my past (and future) in the year to come.

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