Planting daffodils and other such happy nonsense

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Term 3 marches on…

The first day of Spring arrives on September 1st in Australia. With the inspiration of the sunshine, Sitrling Market-bought bulbs, and That’s not a daffodil! by Elizabeth Honey, we took advantage of a sunny Monday afternoon to plant our five daffodils bulbs and played in the sandbox with the, also new, sand toys I’d recently acquired from the local Browse ‘n Save dollar store.

My Canadian colleagues had their first day of a new school year, which broke my heart a little to miss, but a late evening tea and treat at Bracegirdles with friend, Renee, lifted my spirits! As an added bonus, I got to DVD shop at her house afterwards and have a growing collection of American TV shows and movies. Phew, more to fill the TV screen without having to submit myself to Australian television and commercials.

A lovely dinner with friends at North and an evening of choir children singing at the Festival Theatre rounded out the week. News that Skittle may come home to Canada with me in two weeks pumped up my Saturday afternoon and a night of lasagne and Up with Lynne’s family makes for an terrific weekend.

Next week, the Adelaide Show (still haven’t quite sorted out what that is) gives us Friday off school and I head off to Authenticity Spa in Port Elliot for an unplugged weekend of reading, writing, yoga classes, and vegetarian meals provided. You can bet I’ll be blogging about that. CAN NOT WAIT.

Just two short weeks and I’ll be home sweet home for ten precious days.

2 responses to “Planting daffodils and other such happy nonsense

  1. The Adelaide Show is like a travelling Fair. Lots of rides operated by carnies, double deep fried food, fairy floss and show bags full of goodies that get eaten too quickly or broken too soon. Kids will be on a sugar high and we will be eternally thankful for the school holidays

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