Vitamin D on the Yurrebilla

This morning I met up with some current and former exchangees to walk part of the Yurrebilla Trail.

At ten AM the sun was already warm on our shoulders and the breeze was cool.

yurebilla, adelaide, hiking, walking,

Hills, trees, city, Gulf St Vincent, Yorke Peninsula (you can just barely see it across the Gulf)!

We walked through the Brownhill Creek Recreation Park. Water = some trees and bushes that actually had GREEN leaves!

Prettiest tree you’ve ever seen?

The Peter Nelson Walking Track took us up, up, up. We had a break in the shade and later lunch in the sunshine and the breeze.

Not a cloud in the sky!

The crowd taking a breather.

Soaking up the day.

The way back to the car was atop the ridge and back down, down, down to McElligot’s Quarry Reserve Car Park.

Another view of the Gulf.

The crew catching up to speed-walker (for the moment) Kimberly.

A gorgeous, gorgeous Sunday afternoon with friends. Can the rest of the year PLEASE be like this? Please! My body needs more Vitamin D! Lovely. Terrific. Sigh.

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