How to: Enjoy a Timeless Day

Here’s a recap of the most lovely, wonderful, relaxed, laid back day in Goolwa/Port Elliot with Lin a couple of weeks back. Do love that bakery.

Kimberly's Cave

funny sign

1) Notice something worth turning around and driving backfor.

Depsite Lin focussing on navigating the twisty narrow roads towards Port Elliot and I doing my best to be a passenger enjoying the views, we both managed to see (and snicker at) the Pigeon Poo sign. Since we were both on the same page about its hilarity, we agreed it was worth turning back for a few photos. And so set the tone for the day.

2) Refuse to look at (or at least care about) the time.

And so we did, as we drove and walked back and forth from Middleton to Port Elliott, and back to Middleton, and one more time over to Port Elliott.

3) Include good food wherever possible.

The Flying Fish Cafe and the Port Elliott Bakery took care of #3 for us more than sufficiently. After a bit of tradesies, we each got to sample one…

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