The Strangest Thing

The strangest thing has happened…last week I looked at my e-mail/Wordpress followers and I officially have more followers that are complete strangers than I do that are friends or family! I started this blog in January for myself as a journal of my year and my family and friends to keep track of what I was doing and where I was going halfway around the world. Turns out, others are also enjoying the adventures!

To my unknown followers – welcome! And thank you! I am so flattered and appreciate the comments, likes, and idea that you are on this blogging and travelling journey with me. Also to my unknowns, this is a heads-up about the whole family/friends/personal journal intent so the less-than-adventurous posts about my teaching terms and in-town weekend shenanigans aren’t quite as ‘travel-oriented’ as those written about my holidays in between each term.

To my family and friends – hope you’re still out there and following my adventures. I’d love to hear about some of yours!

And so, here begins a Term 3 overview. It blows my mind that seven weeks have already gone by! Moments after waving Courtney goodbye at the airport, I basically started counting down the weeks until I went home for her wedding. I managed to make no connection to how much time was flying by – WOW! So, three more weeks of work until I’m on a long ass plane ride back to the Okanagan for ten days.

(Sorry, no photos on this post – the links can provide visual entertainment for this post!)

Here are a few highlights from the last seven weeks:

* a fancy-pants dinner and tour at Parliament House with the exchange group; we were even mentioned in a session and will forever be in the Parliament records!

* we started watching Bill Nye the Science Guy episodes with the Year Ones – they LOOOOVVVVEEEE him – as do I!

* a weekend in Goolwa with exchangees to whale watch; and, of course, a stop at the Port Elliott bakery

* an awesome Scholastic workshop about literacy (also included a sweet stat about Canadian education – yahoo!)

* the ABSOLUTE, without question, BEST ever head massage during a haircut EVER in my LIFE!

* another visit to Goolwa and Port Elliott on a perfect Sunday  

* Walk A Mile in my Boots Day on which I got to wear my pink cherry boots!!

* Book Week – oh, so many books we read this week! AND we got to dress up as a storybook character. How fun!

* a refreshing and revitalizing Isagenix 30-day nutrition boost and cleanse

* a massage like no other that left me a pile of jello all night and relaxed muscles for days following

* SAETL Annual Dinner with fellow exchangees and future exchange teachers heading to Vancouver next year – felt great to help prepare those getting set for this year of unbelievable experiences

* an iPad workshop that has convinced me I will have to buy myself one for the classroom at home; making a Lego movie about a dinner roll and experiencing stunned silence followed by peals of hysterical laughter from 50 six and seven year olds when we showed it to them

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