Darwin’s Last Hurrah

We spent our last hours in the Northern Territory driving somewhat aimlessly, walking out on the low tide beach to touch the ocean, having a relaxing dinner at a Thai restaurant, and browsing at Cole’s getting snacks for the road…er… air. We arrived at the airport and locked up our rental car around 10:30 pm. The gates for our flight weren’t even open yet. We settled onto the carpet like everyone else in the slowly growing line and started sorting our photos. Darwin Airport also provided free wireless internet so we did our first email checks in a few days. Our flight left after 1:20 am and dumped us in Brisbane at 5:00 am. We’d spent a good chunk of time talking then sleeping on our first flight so didn’t “tuck in” to our snacks much. Chips for breakfast!!! Weeehoooo! Not a good idea. Five am chips don’t settle well. But, we zonked out again pretty immediately on our next flight and after a slight refresh in the Adelaide airport bathrooms at 9:30 am Kerry and Max picked us up for breakfast.

They took us to a cafe on the beach and we joked about seeing the dolphins from inside the cafe, checking off the Adelaide Wildlife list, and not worrying about seeing anything else. Not five minutes later, Courtney says, “Hey, there’s one!!” Kerry was certain she was joking, but we kept watching and each saw a few dolphin dives of our own! HOW AWESOME!! Pretty great welcome to Adelaide for Courto.

Oh wow! I totally forgot about almost running over a kangaroo in Kakadu on our way out of the park! I was really upset Courtney hadn’t had the opportunity to see a koala or kangaroo and just a hundred kilometres or so before saying goodbye to Kakadu, we were nearly face to face with one through the windshield! I’ll leave the detailed telling of that story for “in-person” visits.

No, unfortunately, I did not take this photo. But it did seem like we were that close. Find the photo here.

Our early morning arrival in Adelaide was a cold Thursday. Depsite original aspirations of four days of hard sight-seeing in my “hometown,” I’ll admit we spent a large portion of that time in our pjs and on the computers. Wedding work time! We did hit a Salvos where I purchased a wicked pair of cowboy boots and Courtney got a t-shirt for her dress up box. We explored the Central Market, had a visit with Lynne, and hosted an Isagenix Open House for visits, snacks, and sharing.

On Monday morning, Courtney came to school with me for the day and on Tuesday morning we got up early to make a fancy french toast and bacon breakfast before the goodbyes began. I got to say goodbye to Courtney like they do in the movies – right at the gate. Then had to watch her walk down the ramp, out the door, and through the glass-panelled tunnel to disappear onto the plane. She was leaving Australia – and leaving me behind! Waaaiiiitttt!!!

This was the point I realized walking her to the gate was not an ideal choice. I had to try to hold myself together all the way back through the airport, pay my parking ticket, and get to the car before I could break down. I spent most of the rest of the day crying. It was shocking how heartbroken I was that she had left. I mean, it’s not like I’d never see her again! Anyway, that was six weeks ago (I know, a little behind on the blogging) and now there are only four left until I go home for two weeks for the wedding!

Term 3 highlights to come!

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