Termites and Fast Cars

termite mounds, travel, adventure, vacation, Litchfield, Kakadu, Northern Territory

After a day of car singing and dancing together, relishing in pools of crystal clear water, picnics, and ice cream treats, it was more than a little eerie to come upon the hazy, late afternoon silence of the magnetic termite mounds.

It seemed just a little bit too much like a graveyard. And with only one other family on the boardwalk sharing the moment with us, it was the quietest moments we’d had all day. We even spoke in whispers. Eerie really is the only word to describe the whole scene. Like we were somewhere we shouldn’t be.

We finally left Litchfield and headed for Kakadu. As you can see from the above photo, we were able to make good time – I have NEVER legally done 130 km/hour!!!! Despite this, by the time we hit the edges of the park, the sun was going down and it was FULL dark with over an hour left to drive. It was great – no other traffic, straight roads, nothing but forest on either side. Wait…. no other cars? So, no other people…anywhere? Very straight roads? So, no need to slow down…at all? Nothing but dark and forest? So, plenty of wild animals to leap in front of our speeding vehicle? The farther we got into the park, the more the volume went down and the less the conversation continued. Without saying a word to each other, we were both realizing how seriously in trouble we’d be if anything happened out there in the middle of the wilderness. Oops! But, we arrived safely at the Aurora Kakadu Resort and were welcomed to our room by G, the gecko. 😀

What a DAY! Best. Best. Best.


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