Fresh and Florence

Florence Falls, waterfalls, Northern Territory, travel, adventure

Even after swimming in each and every refreshing pool of the Cascades, seeing the giant swimming hole at Wangi, and sliding all through the Buley Rockholes all in one day, the joy of arriving at Florence Falls was not diluted one little iota.

It seems waterfalls in the northern half of Australia like to come in twos.

Double double your refreshment!

After descending over 100 steps and working our way through more shaded forest, we emerged to another giant pool of the most refreshing water you can imagine swimming in.

Not so cold your lips turn blue and you come out covered in goosebumps, but cold enough that it invigorates no matter how long you stay in, no matter how many times you dive beneath the surface.

Can you SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE how delicious it is?! Don’t you want to dive right through your computer monitor RIGHT NOW into this waterfall pool?!?! I do.

And then…….we decided it was time to get giddy about a waterfall and an underwater camera. We’re on vacation and sisters – we don’t have to act our age do we? Let’s just be silly like when we played with kelp on our family holiday to California back in the day!

Under the waterfall!

Just in hysterics the whole time. We could barely hold the camera, see a thing, take a breath.

Best, best, best day ever. And no, it’s still not over. One stop left before head leave Litchfield Park and make our way into Kakadu National Park.

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