Rockholes and Magic

Buley Rockholes, swimming, the unknown, adventure


Yup, still on July 8th. This is our next stop on our never-ending day of breathtaking watery beauty. Any guesses what we were about to see next? Me neither. It could be awesome, or awful. Before I share the truth of it with you, here’s a quick recap for those tallying the Awesome Places Kimberly and Courtney Visited One Sunday in Australia.

1) Hot Wheels pick up in Darwin, 2) traipse from the Lower to Upper Cascades – THROUGH the Cascades mind you, gaze upon Wangi Falls and nearby Rainforest, 3) check Tolmer Falls off the list.

And now, this.

Buley Rockholes, adventure, swimming

Speechless, right?

WWWWHHHHAAAAAAAA……?!?!?!?!   Ya. Exactly. So, remember the totally awesome River Raft Ride at Wild ‘n Wet in Westbank? Well, this was the real life, wilderness, Eden-esque, Mt. Olympus Waterslides of the Gods version of that. Seriously. We came down a pathway bordered by typical dry scrub, glimpsed the first pool of crystal clear, heard the harps play, and were beckoned to enter by the cherubs fluttering around the eucalypt trees. Nah, those are only in Fantasia, but the harps were totally there.

The above photo is about mid-way down the “ride.” Courtney and I went in a pool at the top and climbed, clambered, slid, or cannonballed into every one of them until we got to the deepest, darkest, greenest, bottom pool. Our mouths were hanging slightly open in blissful awe pretty much the entire time. We kept looking to each other as if to say, “You’re seeing this too, right?”

The top pools.


The middle pools.

People just EVERYWHERE!

The bottom pool.

Even the streams of sunlight were in on this oasis creation.

I’m not sure I can go on. I think this impossibly idyllic place deserves a post all its own. Stay tuned for our second to last stop – the last heart-stopping waterfalls of the day. Now go back and look at those photos again. And one more time. Don’t fight it.

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