Litchfield and Waterfalls

Wangi Falls

For some ridiculous reason, we changed OUT of our bathing suits before arriving at this maginificent swimming hole and gorgeous set of falls.

We lunched under a shady tree along with a bazillion others enjoying picnics, bbqs, and sun.

Afterwards, we enjoyed the beauty of the falls, the bats, and the lush rainforest-iness of Litchfield Park.

I think bats have become one of my favourite animals.

See, lush!

Up the stairs into the treetops and back down again!

From Wangi Falls we made our way towards Tolmer Falls. It was a hot, dry walk with views over vast forests of dry Australian foliage.

Tolmer Falls

PS – Yes, still the same day as the previous post. And it’s not over yet! Still four stops left before we head into Kakadu!

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    • Thanks for commenting! It’s wonderful to know when others are enjoying my travel babble! Be sure to check out the Rockholes post for more ultimate swimming holes. Well… and the post after that that I haven’t written yet. To die for!

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