Dirt Roads and Swimming

I’m not sure if today would qualify as Epic Travel Day #2, since the main focus wasn’t travel, but we did drive a LOT. We were on the road by 9:30 am after picking up “Hot Wheels,” our rental car, groceries, and our suitcases. Goodbye Darwin (for now), hello parks and fresh, salt- and chlorine-free water!

We decided to enter total adventure mode and went for the dirt road route! A beautifully sunny morning, iPod plugged in, carseat dancing and singing in full effect, and a full tank of gas saw us through the hour long drive to our first stop of the day.

Careful driving techniques – check!

Sooooooooo excited for our road trip!

Get yer swimsuits on! Swim #1 comin’ up!

The Cascades, in Litchfield Park, was our first stop. We opted for the shorter walk to the Lower Cascades through lush, leafy bushes, trees, and mosses.

Very shaded and humid.

Whaaa?!?!?! How beautiful is that?

The directional signs just kept on pointing, so we kept walking.

IN a waterfall!

After going up, and up, and up, we ended up at the sign post for the Upper Cascades. We took the much LESS lush route back to the start. We were fully dry by the time we got back to the car.

And now, even though (I know, already said this) our camera and photography skills could never capture the majesty of every pool and fall of water that we discovered, I will let them do the rest of the sharing. The falls just kept going and going and going….we swam or walked through as many of the pools and fall as we possibly could. Best, best, best, first stop of the day imaginable. Pllleeeeaaasssseeeeee click on the photos to see a full-sized slide show. Can you believe this day has only just begun? It’s looking like it will be a three- or four-post kind of day!

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