Cairns & Port Douglas

Our second day was SIGNIFICANTLY more laid-back than our day of waterfalling. We had a half-day bike rental from our hostel so we pedalled our way around Cairns and through the botanical gardens before a beautiful burger lunch at Rex.

We then spent a significant portion of the afternoon laying on the grass looking out towards the low tide and having some deep (and not-so-deep) sisterly conversation. Six months worth of it. After some internetting at the hostel’s pool area we shared – as usual – a delightful pizza dinner before a “turn me to jelly” massage at the Night Markets. We barely managed the walk back to Gilligan’s before crawling into bed for some solid reading time. Aren’t we just so exciting???

Our next morning started with a walk along the Esplanade and a coffee before the shuttle picked us up, then Monica, and took us on the hour trip to our hostel in Port Douglas. A walk into town took us to a place where Courtney and I shared a HALF CHICKEN and hot chips. The “meal for two” was more like a meal for five. Outrageous. Outrageously DELICIOUS! We sort of attempted a self-guided walking tour, but since most of the sites were “former site of” it wasn’t all that thrilling. We headed for a spectacular lookout over Four Mile Beach and attempted to soak up some sun.

Then the wind picked up, goosebumps appeared, and the sky turned to this….

We packed up and got the heck off the beach! After laundry-ing, internet-ing, and shootin’ the shit, we walked back into town to the grocery store for some snacky food followed by an adventure-in-laughing at the hotel bistro. We also got dessert because “the chef is trying to get rid of it.” Great sell, waiter! We ended our evening with a few intense rounds of Crazy Eights and more uncontrollable laughter over grandparent stories. Welcome to Port Douglas!

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