Term 2, Weeks 4, 5, 6


– impromptu coffee date with Heather, Teresa, and Lynne after finding a $15 peacoat at the Salvos to keep me warm this winter
– a rainy day turning Thursday-walking-day-with-Emma into coffee and treat instead!
– a “meetup” with the Alberta exchangees (Shirley, Reg,
Jill; Monica) and Elyssa (Ontario!) for pizza at The Gov
– outrageously accurate and heartwrenching “Next to Normal” theatre play about bipolar disorder and dinner at The Strand with Heather, Kerry, Andrea, Renae, and Sharleen
– getting a North American playstation to play my DVDs from home from Karen
– digging into my first roll of homemade-by-mom cookie dough from the freezer – sorry mom, didn’t bake a single one!
– planning part of my next holidays to sight-see and hostel with Monica in Port Douglas
– walking around Mannum Falls and lunching with Lynne, Marty, and their friends followed by coffee at the Stirling Market
– completing one subject of report card comments without a blip – going to knock these babies out without a hitch!
– finally dealing with my broken tooth (cross your fingers my benefits cover it as promised!) and ending an appointment day with a facial and massage appointment!
– second Thursday-walking-day-with-Emma turned walk through Marion to buy pants and a thermos mug after a coffee and treat
– finally finding a book that sucked me in after a weeks-long reading dry spell and having a sunny Saturday on which to read 300 pages without stopping
– flying to Canberra with 70 Year 7s bright and early on a Sunday morning – more to come in Week 7!

2 responses to “Term 2, Weeks 4, 5, 6

  1. Wowza…sounds like you are settling in. How on earth did you break a tooth??? You seem to have left that detail out…tell me you weren’t drinking something stronger than Earl Grey in that Eeyore mug and fell off the couch!!! 🙂 Oh, and I too do love raw cookie dough…we must be family!!! Why didn’t we partake in that ritual when I was there?!?!?!?

    • Hhaa… well mom hadn’t been here to make any yet! It’s super delicious too! I broke the tooth just chewing on a piece of gum then suddenly there was a crunchy bit in there! Oh no!

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