A Weekend of Horseplay.

After picking up Travis (Tammy’s friend from Perth) from the airport, Friday night’s big event was determing how to best capitalize attending the game AND the horse races with the rest of the entire city trying to do the same thing!!!

Saturday morning we did a drive-by of Morphettville to scope out parking possibilities then creeped and weaved our way towards AAMI stadium along with rest of the population of Adelaide not already socked in at the races. We locked in a fabo parking spot thanks to Emma’s tip and had a lovely stroll to the park in the sun – forecast to rain but so far so good!!!

So far so good on the weather, but not the score. I must say (sorry, Travis!) it looked like a little kids game with the ball bouncing all over the place and nobody seeming to know what they were doing and by the end of the second quarter Travis’ team was behind by 50 points. Depsite never leaving a game early in his life, and a pretty serious passion for his team, it didn’t take much for me to paint a picture of the rest of our afternoon if we left the game at half time rather than three-quarter time.

The extra time made parking a SNAP at the races and we had plenty of time for some intense people watching. Fascinators like you wouldn’t believe; girls that looked like sausages in too tight (and too short) dresses; ‘flash’ well-tailored slim fitting dress pants on men; slobs like us coming straight from the game; fur coats and vests and stoles; no coverings at all despite the chilling wind; too-high heels on unpracticed legs; and every other possible look in between you can imagine. I most enjoyed the elegant dresses and fancy facinators that fit and a pretty nice range of fancy pea coats, etc, also. Such a contradiction of everything at the races. These elegant sophisticated people and gathering areas, and then also hot dog vendors with extraordinarily bland and overpriced wraps and hot dogs. It was a FEAST for the eyes! We saw one race before the big one, which was KEY practice for knowing where to look for the horses and being prepared for when they zipped past our little gap in the crowd. Black Caviar effortlessly cruised over the finish line long before any of the other overly effortful attempts and everyone was thrilled! I was somewhat wishing for a loss just for a change – to be part of something that HADN’T happened yet. I feel like it’s going to get a bit old hat if racing against this horse is completely futile for any other horse. Anyway, people slllooooooowwwwly made their way out of the racecourse and Travis and I walked to McDonald’s to have coffee and while away the time before attempting to venture onto the roads. We got a different kind of show there… post-race drunken debauchery of dresses inching their way up, bare feet, and parking lot drama. Messy.

A random feast back home of popcorn, tuna melts, soup, bits and bites of crackers and movies ended off the weekend before a morning trip to the airport and an afternoon for me of reading, cleaning like a fiend, laundry, and all the perfect-Sunday afternoon-Kimberly-things to do.

Week Four comin’ up!

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One response to “A Weekend of Horseplay.

  1. What a great weekend (barring your desire for a loss!?!?! How could you even wish for such a thing?…must be a twisted “cave” thing 🙂 Nice pictures!!!

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