Term 2, Week 2 & 3

Well, I have no photos for this entry, as my camera has ceased to function since mid-way through Ukelele night at The Gov!

Bing, bang, boom and time continues to march on. Sports Day ate up Week 2s entire Friday where I layered up with a total of seven layers to spend the day outside inventing interesting things for the students to do at each of the stations we visited. I had a weekend of exchange-related socializing and eating. Can you believe that homebody, loner, pajama-loving Kimberly went out ALL THREE WEEKEND nights?! Yes, including Sunday. Outrageous? Most definitely.

I kick-started back into Isagenix full steam ahead and my body is slowly beginning to let go of some of the stress that my mind was so overwhelmed with. That, along lovely walk with Lynne, a planning day off from work that was outrageously productive (in pjs, with Earl Grey, Elf, and the Christmas tunes on a continuous loop) and an hour massage ended Week 3 in ultimate relaxation.

There’s a mini-mini update. My Australia weekend of football and horse racing will soon follow.

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