School Holidays #1

Oi. The holidays have finally arrived. And not a moment toooooo soon. Before the holiday’s end, I will attempt to post a recap of the last two and a half months of living and working in Adelaide. … Really, I’ll try!

Thursday afternoon ended with a magnificent cupcake delivery and a perfect excuse (driving a co-worker home) to rush packing up anything I needed and get out of the building before 4:00 pm! Emma came over and we explored the neighbourhood and found a few fabulous hills and a loop of a walk that took about 45 minutes – it’s about time I started finding some good walking routes around home! That evening I went out for a drink with a friend and got home late enough that I got to Skype all of my family members as they were getting up! Hooray for daylight savings time changes here and at home.

On Friday morning, I went to Lynne’s to have hot cross buns in her lovely home with her even lovelier family and she and Marty took me over to Belair National Park for a stroll as well. I spent the rest of the afternoon, evening, and next morning cleaning, organizing, resetting my house for the holidays. Ahhhhh the therapeutic joy of clean!

Saturday early afternoon I felt well under control and figured it was time to do some “holidaying” before going holidaying, so ventured off to Hallett Cove (gorgeous neighbourhoods there!) for a walk through the Conservation Park and continuted on the Marion Coast trail before heading back home to mow the lawns – in my new lawn-mowing fashion slippers – finish my cleaning to-do list and FINALLY start packing at 9:00 pm. Yikes!

After my ultra-delayed start to packing, I finally crawled into bed at midnight after checking and rechecking my alarms about 18 times and conked out peacefully (shocking!) until 4:30 am! Kerry graciously let me park my car at her place and drove me to the airport for 6:40 am! Bag drop (under the 23 kg allowance!!) – check. Security without a pause – check. Coffee – check. Sit and wait – check! In a short half an hour I am called to board the plane past the lady at the gate, flight attendant on board and only once the plane was off the ground did I full realize that not one single person in that airport checked my identification….. Not bag drop, not security, or at the gate, or when boarding the plane. Now, I’ll be the first one to say that security can be overzealous in certain places at certain times, but this was a bit ridiculous. I could have checked in as Snow White and no one would have flinched. Mildly terrifying.

But hey, I’m truly on holidays now and on my way to Perth! Next blog coming soon – really, the photos are already uploaded just gotta type the story. 🙂

(PS – Remember that if you click on a photo it will give you the larger version in a slideshow type format)

6 responses to “School Holidays #1

  1. I sooooo want a pair of those shoes!!!!! It’s snowing here in Calgary, crazy wild weather April!!!! Love the updates, keep ’em coming!!

  2. Love the hike pictures!!! Sorry I missed out on that one…but you are set for 40 more short walks…hop to!!! And those are very cool lawn mowing shoe…classy.

  3. The pictures of Australia are amazing. I am looking forward to summer when we most likely will not have snow. By the way, I love your sun hat and it’s not ‘cheesy’.

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