This evening culminates the end of my first weekend home alone since I started work eight weeks ago. As much as I absolutely loved having my cousin, Tammy, here and Mom and Tony spoiling me for weeks, now I can settle into what my life might look like for the next nine months (yup, already down to that! woo hoo!!!).

Friday started with volunteering at the “Disco” and seeing my students for the first time in regular clothes! What a difference different clothes and hair can make. After watching them dance around and eat copious amounts of candy (thank goodness I didn’t take my purse in or I’d have bought as much as they did!) I zipped off to meet Andrea, Renee, and Sharleen for dinner and THE HUNGER GAMES in the most posh leather-seated theatre ever (except that I was SO tense about what was going to happen next!!!) and then got to text with Joan when I got home….she was just getting up to go to work. So crazy. (Canada, you’ve now “sprung ahead” and in a week I’ll be “falling back” so if I’m up late, I may now be getting into bed while you are getting out!)

Saturday I slept in until TEN THIRTY. It was miraculous. I haven’t slept in that late in ages. I met Elyssa (exchange teacher from Toronto – heaven!) for lunch “in the city” (aka downtown) and we also hit the Salvos (aka Sally Ann aka Salvation Army second hand store) and I scored six items for $27. I’m pretty sure I won’t be buying any new clothes for the rest of the year now that I’ve learned the art of second-hand store browsing. Courtney, be proud, yet don’t expect I’ll ever have the endurance for Value Village. Salvos are much smaller!

This morning I slept in disgustingly late again, skyped, msn’d, texted with all my family and a few friends, managed to get the pool vacuum working with a little help (it’s almost sparkling now, it’s so clean, ha), learned how the player piano worked, finished my book on the “chaise” with coffee and mom’s baking and ended the afternoon by finding some Will Ferguson books on the bookshelf (I selected “Why I Hate Canadians first) and laughed out loud three times already and I haven’t even made it through the introduction. Some Sunday night comedic sitcoms and the first meal I’ve cooked for myself in ages caps off a nearly perfect weekend. Ahhhhh, perhaps I can survive the year. 😀

(Have no fear, when I finally sit down and blog about the last two months of life I promise I will NOT be nearly as painfully detailed. Ha. The urge to share the nitty gritty struck and there you have it. Those that know me and my weekend habits will understand.)

2 responses to “Sundays

  1. I have been meaning to send you an email to see how the heck you are! I promise I will get better about it 🙂 Your weekend view while reading is gorgeous. Care to trade? 🙂

  2. Bah! it only took being a world away for you to ‘get’ second hand shopping. So proud! you’ll be hooked hehe.
    Weekend sounds like just the way you would love it.
    And, all this time I didn’t know your students wore uniforms, you must send a photo. ciao for now

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