Melbourne – Day Two

FINALLY, I’m ready to write about (get back to?) Melbourne! “Timeline Interruption” was the title of the post that was about my first full day in the wonderful cit y!


I woke up early to partake in the breakfast of cereal and toast the hostel provided each morning (more and more to love about Habitat HQ hostel!) The train dropped me at Federation Square by 9 am in order to take “A Walk in the Park” and, wow, was it ever. Nobody seemed to be awake, tourist or local, so I strolled in the misting rain to my first stop – the Conservatory in Fitzroy Gardens. The flowers were heavenly, there was music playing, fountains burbling, and not another tourist in sight! Gorgeous.


Despite the map, I got lost amongst the pathways of the park, and once I managed to get out of the park, but I happened to stumble across the City Circle tram (another free transit option just within the downtown area) so hopped on and listened to its commentary all the way around the edge of the city centre and hopped off and found my way to Elizabeth St and Collins St to catch the tram to the Fitzroy neighbourhood (got off at Brunswick and Rose) to window shop in all the quaint little shops. I got sucked into the vortex of a used book store and bought Chocolat (didn’t even know it was a book!) and zipped into San Churro coffee/chocolate shop to dry off from the rain. I enjoyed a most amazing coffee and truffle while I read my new book. Just as I prepared to pack up and get back in the attempting-to-come out- sun, the rain began again in earnest and the sun instantly disappeared. Soooo…… I got a pot of the best Earl Grey tea I’ve ever experienced along with cinnamon sprinkled churros and a bowl of dark liquid chocolate to dip them in and continued reading my book. Eventually, I dragged myself back out to a tram to get me back to Swanston St and did my “On the Waterfront” walk. I trammed back down to St. Kilda but went beyond my stop and down to Luna Park and meant to walk down to the beach, but ended up strolling down Acland St instead (lost again!) and stopped in at Fringe for dinner. I am quite certain I’ve never had a chicken sandwich that brought me that close to tears of bliss EVER before. Frick it was amazing!


After such a treat, I decided walking home would be too much to handle, so I continued to make today’s tram ticket more than worth it’s money and caught a ride nearly to my doorstep. My evening consisted of internetting, reading, journalling, watching a movie, and drinking tea. Reeeaaaallll tough!

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