A small bag of chocolate for my school desk drawer was the item on the shopping list.

This, however, was the result of a long, hectic first week; NO rye whiskey in liquor stores (which, of course, they aren’t called here); an inability to do my “paperwork” tasks needed for ‘home’ let alone school related technological requirements (and we all know how easily and promptly those are sorted out) and completely hitting the wall of too much Aussie bombardment (9 hours surrounded by all the vocab rather than in bits and pieces as I chose when travelling and home alone). Time to recharge my batteries and roll over this hump before Monday hits again!

Also, lined paper and 3 ring binders – don’t seem to be something common – or ANYwhere – thing in this country. LINED hole-punched paper?!?! Really??? I can’t buy that here at a Zellers equivalent?! I managed to finally find ONE pile of it – but not a 3 ring binder in existence. Perhaps at a Staples equivalent, but I think I’ve pretty much given up. Bah!

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