Sydney Day Four – Blue Mountain Tour

Well, my last day in Sydney begins at 7:30 am  on a bus, to another bus, to venture out into the Blue Mountains. An hour out of town we stopped in Luera; I ventured (on my still sore feet and legs from too much adventuring the previous days) as far as the closest cafe to drink a “French chocolate” and read the newspaper. I felt very much like I was in Burnaby – lush and green, little shops, humid/damp, threatening to rain, moss in all the cracks of the sidewalks – and it was hard to remember the tour and vacation aspect of my day!

We stopped at a viewpoint to see the Three Sisters… not quite the same as the three sisters in the Rockies!

The Three Sisters















I met Bekah over a conversation about the seemingly over-priced “ride” at SCENIC WORLD; our upcoming stop. The whole place was a strange over exaggeration. The “ride” was a train to the bottom of the mountain (Bekah and I both think “amusement park” when we hear ride, but…. not at Scenic World, though I’m pretty sure the girls in front of us screamed the whole way down with their hands in the air), the “25 minute walk” path we followed (even thought we’d been told to take only the “10 minute walk”) took us a whole 11 minutes and the cable car that took us back up to the top took us past a trickle of their towering waterfall.




The "ride"












Looking up the track from the bottom.















Their big buffet lunch that was included was an interesting hodge podge of dessert first, beside the salads, then some pasta salad, and a random selection of meats. Odd (and not that fantastic) food BUT the jug of lemonadey – sprite drink waiting for us on our table WAS fantastic. To top it all off….. there was VVVVVVVVVVegemite. I figured I’d better bite the bullet and try it. Thank GOODNESS for the lemonadey – sprite drink – it.was.AWFUL. But hey, now I can say I’ve tried it and I don’t need to EVER again!


This one's for you, Pamela.











We discovered some rather revealing statues outside and proceeded to give in to immaturity for photo ops.













Bekah and I being respectable tourists.














From there we headed to the Wildlife Park, and that’s when it decided to get super hot – and humid. We collected stamps on a passport to see all the areas of the place – saw kangaroos, wallabies, echidnas, koalas – eeeeverywhere!


Stamping the passport!

































Coupla ole birds catchin' up on the latest gossip.










We headed back to town, I was feeling great, had a lovely shower, got my suitcases all squared away with Alfred to ship them to me in Adelaide, yay! So, I scoot over to the corner store to grab some snacks for dinner, and my Visa doesn’t work….. uh oh! I’d used it earlier at SCENIC WORLD and it was fine – what’s going on! So back and forth to the corner store for calling cards, instructions, attempting to use the hotel phone to call the Visa numbers I had, emailed Visa and Courtney, etc, figured okay – really, not a huge deal. I have $45 left in cash and I’ll just hit the ATM in the morning and pay the zillion dollars in fees to be sure I have enough money.

HA. No. The next morning the ATM also rejected me and I managed to spend myself down to $12 by the time I paid the hotel for the phone mistake charges, the cab to my tour meeting spot, etc. YIPES. So, that was the start of my Topdeck Tour from Sydney – Adelaide. Not the greatest last moments in Sydney, but it all worked out in the end as you’ll soon see!

3 responses to “Sydney Day Four – Blue Mountain Tour

  1. We did a bit of celebrating at school today… in honor of Australia day. We got to try Vegemite as well. I kinda liked it! We also were treated to some Tim Tam’s and Jackie taught us how to do a TimTam slam. Carol and I taught the kids how to sing the Australian national anthem…or at least attempted it! We barged in on Jackie’s class and performed it for her. She said it almost brought tears to her eyes. I wonder if that was because we butchered it so badly! LOL

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