Who packed my suitcase?!

So, after venturing out in the car for my first drive on Friday morning to get some stuff from the school, I sat in the front room of my house basically watching out the window for my luggage to arrive. Yes, the luggage that Alfred the conceirge so lovingly shipped from Sydney for me.

At 4:00 pm it finally arrived and I got set to dig in and remember all the goodies I’d packed!

Holy crap this will be an adventure unpacking!











So, it began…..


Aha, now it's my home for the year. Clothes in the closet.













Okay, so as I unpacked I was happy to see I’d brough a decent supply of what I’d need….



Plenty of shoes. Decent variety.













Dresses, skirts, scarves. Check.

Even an extra purse or two!











Great, enough pants, capris.











Umm... where are my shirts?
















FOUR. Yup, four work appropriate shirts. You may THINK you can count six, but the ones on each end are jackets/cover up sweaters that still require a SHIRT underneath. I can’t even make it through an entire work week?!?!?! Was every other work shirt I owned a sweater that I’d deemed inappropriate to 30 degree weather? Did I not think I might want a sweater when winter comes?

Needless to say, I will be going on my first shopping adventure with my new friend/colleague this week – Andrea.  She works at the school and has taken me for dinner, lunch, will be shopping with me, and a movie night next week and introduced me to lots of staff. Thanks Andrea!!

The adventures of settling in continue!

3 responses to “Who packed my suitcase?!

    • Hahah… no outfits at all! And can you see the WRINKLES. It seems I may have to ACTUALLY use an iron. Boo hoo! Today I went shopping thought and got four more shirts, so I’m on my way! Woo!

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