Settling in

I have arrived! I am here in Adelaide in my new home listening to the birds squawk away (cockatoos, and exotics types such as that, no crows here!) and considering when I might take a dip in the pool on this day that will reach 30 degrees or so. Hooray! I hear it is bitterly cold in Calgary (-48 with the windchill?!?!) so I am happy to be sitting in shorts and a tank top with the windows and doors open.

I have plenty of settling in to do at home, at school, and in the neighbourhood, so may not be blogging right away. In the spirit of adventure stories though, I thought I would share the writing I did in 2008 when Courtney and I were galavanting through Europe.

Enjoy, and I’ll add photos and more travel stories from 2012 soon!

4 responses to “Settling in

  1. That must be so nice! It is bitterly cold and we are stuck with a number of “blue days”! Good times! Poor Jackie is suffering from the shock of the cold and cabin fever! Enjoy the pool and a few beverages for us!

  2. Sounds and looks beautiful! Jackie was excited to discover the heated seats in your car. It has been frightfully cold here! There will be no outdoor pool dips today! A chinook is blowing in…thank God! Its going up to 2 degrees. Can hardly wait.

  3. Hey Kimberly!! It’s taken me a while to catch up on the blog posts, but things sound pretty great down there! I am rather jealous of the weather!! Once you are all settled in perhaps we can set a skype date? We drove by a school the other day and Syd said hey that’s where Kimberly works, only the school was in arbour lake…
    We got her registered for Kindergarten, after going back and forth between a million schools. Anyhow, looking forward to the next update!! Love you tons!!

    • Skype date sounds great. Love that Syd associates me with schools! I’d love email updates anytime you’re up for it, and we’ll talk sooooon. Weekends are easiest for time change purposes.

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