Sydney Day Two only??

Ahhh, morning tea.

My first full day in Australia started off right. Bit of a sleep in, shower (blowdryer included!), tea, internetting, and planning my touristy day.

I decided since yesterday I toured up King St to George St (an aside…. my dad once encouraged me to Google Map the place he was telling me about so I could “follow along” as he told me about the trip; it was much easier to envision and I really liked it, so if you decide to go that route, I’ll include some ‘map markers.’) to get to Circular Quay, so figured it was time to be adventurous and try a new route. Silly me. I waited too long to go back up to George St and lost myself – at the Sydney Observatory, so that ended up being okay! I learned all about the time ball (and you will too when I post a few photos).

Sydney Observatory and Time Ball










What is a time ball, you ask? Now you know.
















From there I ventured into the beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens. And oh, what a treat it would have been to be the Governor at the time he got to live in the house there! Magnificent. I lunched on a bench overlooking the Harbour, saw the bridge and Opera House from yet another angle (these numerous pictures of the same thing [to be added later] prove I’ve actually be around the city a teeny bit at least!), and headed out to Mrs. Macquarie’s chair. By that time I was running out of steam and figured I’d been out way too long to be reasonable, so I took a new route home (my map skills [since I’m actually using a map now] are improving each time I try ’em out!), and was a little discombobulated to discover it was just barely after 1 pm…. I hadn’t left the hotel until like 9:30. Well… apparently my perspective of “ALL DAY ADVENTURE” is somewhat skewed.




Just the bridge from another angle!









Beautiful giant trees everywhere.









Used to be where the Governor of the State lived.









Peekaboo! There's the Opera House!









Mrs. Macquarie's Chair












Gorgeous huge botanic gardens; huge city right behind it all.









Outdoor lap pool!! AMAZING.





















But what an afternoon I had! Stretched out my still lazy-holiday-airplane-sitting stiff legs, watched one of those silly TV episodes I’d downloaded, napped, lazed in bed for another episode, showered the copious amounts of sunscreen off, rearranged and repacked my suitcases yet again (man, will I EVER be excited to not be living out of three suitcases!), fell in love with concierge Alfred, and am now enjoying the sunshine from INSIDE (cloudy and windy “all day” while I was out) with a cup of tea while I write this before heading to the lobby where I can get free Wi-Fi to post this baby! Have no fear, I will venture out again this evening for a night time view of the important Sydney landmarks. But based on my messed up sense of time, I’m sure I’ll be back at the hotel and in my bed pretty early!

I was still delaying going out until 7:45 pm because it was just tooooo light out still! I wandered over to Hyde Park and saw all the preparations for the start of Sydney Festival that was to start the next day. I walked all the way down Macquarie Stree to the Opera House and passed the most gorgeous hospital you could imagine. I wanted to get sick just to I could have a nice rest in there. Old building, beautiful courtyards, and took up like four blocks. The Parliament building beside it was bland, small, and boring next to the hospital!

I made it to the Opera House and Bridge, walked up the steps and all the way around the building, but I must say, I think I enjoyed it all more in the daytime. Back “home” I go and snuggle into bed before 10 pm to call and end to Day Two.






Hyde Park












Hospital? Most beautiful once I've ever seen!












The night view.









The night view.



















Well, there’s a novel for Day 1 and 2. Hope y’all reading this have nothing better to do – my entries may not get any shorter.

Thanks to all you who’ve sent messages. Keep ’em coming! It’s nice to still feel connected (even if I don’t reply right away or at all, I’m so happy to read them!).

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