Sydney Day Three – the “expensive” one.

So after yesterday’s $11 day – my lunch/dinner was my only expense – I figured it was time to bite the bullet and maybe pay for an attraction. I headed back to Circular Quay and bought a ferry/zoo ticket to get me there and also to take me to Manly to experience the beach. Too bad about five steps out my door I realized my feet and legs were KILLING me. They apparently were in complete shock at this sudden requirement to move me around all day, every day after two weeks of sitting on my rump in front of the fire.

A ferry zipped me over to the zoo (yet another angle of the bridge and Opera House to be added later! ha) and what a zoo it was! I took a cable car to the top and the place is HUGE. I saw more action from the elephants just from the cable car than I’d ever seen of Calgary  Zoo elephants! I picked up the WELL-organized and labelled map/route and followed its instructions to follow the giant green dots on the pathway and take the occassional offshoot to see each “area.” I was quite miffed to discover there was no “Canadian Wild” area – ah well, I can survive a moose-less year I suppose. Though somewhere along the way there was a Kodiak bear. So, close-ish. I think just wandering through the zoo was the best part – the pathways ranged from dirt, to brick, to wooden walkway and always surrounded by trees and animal exhibits right on the path. Very pleasant. And, I must say, if in a different life I am ever an animal in a zoo, I hope it’s the Sydney Zoo! Beautiful enclosures (and big!) for the animalsl. I caught a trainer doing some tricks with the elephant, saw a terrific bird show, and made my way past the penguins back down to the ferry.


Giraffes get a pretty sweet view!









Wildest animal at the zoo; escaping butt cheeks!









Beautiful pathways all through the zoo









More pathways...









Playful baby elephant!









Yet another different pathway...












Too many pathways? Best part of the zoo!















Back at Circular Quay I just missed the ferry to Manly, so went off in search of my first tourist trinket – a beach towel – and found a shady bench to write and read and listen to a vendor playing the didgeridoo for an hour before catching the beach ferry. My poor tired legs and feet barely got me off the wharf to some sand before adding more sunscreen and laying with my book for a whole 40 minutes when I then decided it was time to get back on the ferry to go home. Epic beach day, hey?

The first really sunny day managed to completely wipe me out, along with my falling apart feet and legs, so the only way I managed to get myself the 25 minute walk home was to put my head down, speed walk through the pain, and chant to myself, “Subway and Coke,” all the way to a block from my hotel where I, you guessed it, stopped to pick up a Subway sandwich and a Coca Cola for dinner and hobble home to gobble it down.

I don’t think my legs would even allow me to go down to the lobby for internetting, so I yoga’d my legs into some stretches after a shower, then proceeded to read, tv, plan, and tea my way through the evening (all from the prone position on my fluffy bed) until the intense thunder and lightning storm put me to sleep at 9 pm.

Blue Mountain tour set for Day Four!

Oh, haha, forgot to mention, that once back in my room, I remembered I saw nowhere on the beach to rent umbrellas or loungers, no vendors, or little shops for trinkets as was promised at Manly Beach. So, I went to my trusty travel book and, of course, I was not actually at Manly Beach. That was a ten minute walk from the wharf. Haha…. great work, Kimberly! No wonder it wasn’t all that busy on that small patch of sand I found. Ah well. How different can one beach be from the next right? 😀

2 responses to “Sydney Day Three – the “expensive” one.

  1. We took Jackie out for lunch at Pies Plus today. She showed us a picture of her house in Australia. What a beautiful location! Glad to see that your luggage arrived! Have fun shopping!

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