The beginning…

Today Tegan and I determined that this all began February of 2009. She took me to a session at Teachers’ Convention explaining about the exchange process because she was interested. Sounded pretty good so I figured, “Why not!” I had half the original paperwork filled out that summer but in the end it just wasn’t going to be quite right. Roll ahead just a few months to New Year’s Resolution time and I decide I’ll apply THAT summer. But first, one way to make things a lot more likely to happen was to have a 2 bedroom and to own. Guess it was time to buy a condo. So, for those of you who don’t know this – I didn’t buy because I was ready to stop renting, blah blah blah, I simply needed a different place to live in order to do an exchange!

So, by April, 2010 I’d moved into my new condo and in the summer the application process begins. Eighteen pages to fill out, a medical once-over, reference letters, permission from the superintendent, etc, etc, etc, and by December 1 it’s in! In February, I had an interview to ensure I was “appropriate” for the program and then began the waiting game. Mid – April the miracle of news came and I had a match!!!

Then the real work began!

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